6 Tips for Winning Campaign Battles in European War 4

You can take on the French Empire or Coalition armies in European War 4: Napoleon. Are you ready to crush Napoleon? If not, check out some of the European War 4 tips below.

7 Tips for Winning Campaign Battles in European War 4
European War 4 is a military strategy game that you can add to Windows (10 and 8), iOS and Android platforms from the MS Store, iTunes and Google Play. The game includes numerous historic battles and 84 campaigns from the Napoleonic Wars. EW 4 does not have amazing graphics, but it's still an intriguing military strategy game. Here are a few tips that will help you win more campaign battles in European War 4: Napoleon.

Flank Enemy Divisions

Flanking is crucial to winning battles in European War 4. By flanking a division, you attack it from two opposite sides. That reduces the morale of the flanked division, which ensures it loses more energy when you attack. So make sure that you flank enemy divisions as often as possible by positioning divisions on opposite sides of them as shown in the snapshot directly below.

7 Tips for Winning Campaign Battles in European War 4. A flanked division

Never Attack With a Flanked Division

Do not attack with your own flanked divisions. Your flanked divisions' morale will be low, which will reduce the impact of their attacks. Flanked divisions also lose more energy during the enemy's turns. As such, always move flanked divisions to another position on the map where the enemy doesn't flank them.

Stock up on Medikits

You can stock up on various items at headquarters. Make sure that you equip your armies with lots of medikits. Medikits replenish divisions' energy, which can give you a much better chance of victory if you have lots of them. So stock up on plenty of larger medikits and save them for the tougher campaign battles that you'll really need them for.

Keep Your Generals in the Battle

Generals hold the key to victory in most European War 4 battles. The generals are much stronger than standard infantry, cavalry, artillery or naval units; but you only have a few of them. Keep your generals on the battle map by retreating them to cities when their energy is low. Then they'll gradually replenish their energy. Alternatively, save your medikits for generals so that you can quickly heal them when required.

7 Tips for Winning Campaign Battles in European War 4. A European War 4 general

Save Your Battle Progress

European War 4 includes six save slots. Make the most of those slots by saving battles a few times when you are seemingly winning them. Then you can return to a saved point if you lose the battle. This will save you starting campaign battles right from the beginning when the enemy defeats you.

Keep Your Distance With Artillery

The biggest advantage of artillery (cannons) is that it can attack from distance. Cannons can attack divisions without losing any energy so long as the attacked units are not directly adjacent to them. So don't fire at divisions directly adjacent to artillery. Instead, place your artillery in a position behind allied units where they can still fire at enemy divisions.
Those battle tips will give you a better chance of finishing campaigns in European War 4 and might also come in handy for the conquest games. So, maybe now you can crush your enemies in European War 4!

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You got something Terribly wrong, the stars indicate how much stronger the type of unit gets with the general on it.

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