6 Tips for Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is among the best endless runner games players can play on mobile devices. Have you just started playing Odyssey? If so, check out some of the tips below to clock up higher scores in Alto's Odyssey and make your friends envious of your skills.
6 Tips for Alto’s Odyssey

6 Tips for Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the best endless runner games for Android and iOS mobile devices. The sequel to Alto’s Adventure is set in a scenic desert filled with rocks, chasms, cliffs, balloons, vines, temples, and more besides. Players can add the game to Android and iOS devices from its Google Play and iTunes pages. Here are a few tips for clocking up higher scores in Alto’s Odyssey.

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Upgrade the Magnet Timer First

Players can invest in numerous gadgets and gizmos at the workshop that will help amass higher scores. Upgrade the Magnet Timer first as that automatically sucks in coins whenever you pick up a magnet during a sandboard session. Thus, upgrading the Magnet Timer will ensure it sucks in more coins when activated, which will enable you to amass coins more quickly for other upgrades. The final score also includes coins collected.

Grind Balloon Ropes and Vines as Often as Possible

Alto’s Odyssey’s desert includes plenty of balloon ropes and vines that players can grind to amass more points. The ropes and vines provide five points for every meter you grind along them, which is the most straightforward (and safest) way for players to clock up points in Alto’s Odyssey. Players can also backflip off the end of ropes and vines to chain a few tricks together. Furthermore, there’s no way you can crash into any rocks, or other obstacles, when grinding along balloon ropes or vines. So, make sure you get on the ropes and vines as often as possible.

6 Tips for Alto’s Odyssey

6 Tips for Alto’s Odyssey. Alto grinding a balloon rope

Chain Tricks Together for Combo Multipliers

Chaining tricks together to amass combo multipliers is the key to clocking up higher scores in Alto Odyssey. Backflips, balloon bounces, wall grinds, rope grinds, vine grinds, and rock bounces all count as tricks. Stringing a few of those tricks together will multiply the separate scores for each trick by the number of tricks chained. For example, bouncing off a balloon, backflipping once, backflipping again, and landing on and grinding a balloon rope for 50 meters would amass the following points:

  • 60 points for the balloon bounce
  • 10 points for the single backflip
  • 60 points for double backflipping
  • 250 points for grinding 50 rope meters (five points for every meter)

Those four tricks would amount to a 380 total separately, but when combined they get a multiplier of four to give you a final trick combo score of 1,520. Thus, players should always look for ways to pull off trick combos. Balloons and their ropes often provide the best platform to chain tricks together.

Surf With Maya From Level 11

Backflipping is your bread and butter in Alto’s Odyssey. So, it’s better to select, and stick with, Maya as soon as you unlock her at level 11. Maya backflips more quickly than almost all the other characters in the game, with the exception of Sumara (unlocked at level 51). Therefore, players can backflip with greater regularity when they surf the dunes with Maya. Maya can perform backflips even off relatively slight sand dune slopes. As more backflipping amounts to more points, players will probably rack up higher scores with Maya.

Maya can also scoop more than 300-point bonuses by backflipping close to the ground. Backflips in which the characters’ head comes within eight meters above the ground are proximity backflips. Players can pull off more proximity backflip tricks with Maya when they jump shortly before dune peaks. 

6 Tips for Alto’s Odyssey

6 Tips for Alto’s Odyssey. A backflip out of the water

Save the Wingsuit for Chasms

The Wingsuit is one of the coolest things in Alto’s Odyssey, which players can snap up for 7,500 coins. That enables players to fly for short periods when activated. To activate it, players need to maximize their combo scarves by pulling off a few trick combos. Then you can tap the Wingsuit button to fly like Superman!

One good way to utilize the Wingsuit is to save it for clearing tricky chasms. Players can clear any chasm that comes into their path when they have a Wingsuit handy. Tap the Wingsuit button as soon as a chasm’s ramp propels you into the air, and then fly upward to get over the hole. Players will also lose all the speed and momentum they have when they activate a Wingsuit. Thus, it’s usually better not to fly as soon as you can.

Fly Close to the Ground With Wingsuit to Scoop Up Trick Points

Players can fly close to the ground to clock up more points with the Wingsuit. Flying close to the sand is otherwise proximity flying within eight meters of ground level. That’s similar to grinding balloon ropes, and you’ll see a sand effect that highlights when you’re proximity flying. You can include proximity flying in trick combos by flying off balloon ropes or vines, loop de looping in the air, and then swooping low just above the sand to amass yet more points. 

Now it’s time to smash your highest Alto’s Odyssey score! Just remember that trick combos are more essential to higher scoring in Odyssey than greater distance.

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