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6 Hidden Secrets in Control and How to Discover Them

This game guide provides details for the various hidden secrets in Control that give players additional bonuses. Do you want to discover some of Control’s biggest secret surprises? If so, check out the six hidden secrets in Control below.

6 Hidden Secrets in Control and how to Discover Them

Control is a game that includes numerous secrets. There are 20 hidden locations in the game, but there are also some additional secrets on top. Some of Control’s additional secrets might be considered to be easter egg surprises, while others are hidden items and outfits. These are six of the most notable hidden secrets in Control.

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1. The Alan Wake Easter Egg

Alan Wake, from Remedy’s Alan Wake game, is closely linked with Control. There are frequent references to Alan Wake games throughout Control. A few collectible documents within Control reveal that the FBC was connected with some of the events that happened in AW games. Thus, Control and Alan Wake are two parts of the Remedy Connected Universe.

One of Control’s most notable hidden secrets is an Alan Wake easter egg in which Mr. Wake is briefly visible within the game. To find that easter egg, head to the fifth floor of the Panopticon in the Containment Sector. Run to the side of the platform where you’ll a swan object. Then utilize the Levitate ability to fly to a gap in the wall on the left side of the platform (from the swan object) shown below.

The hidden location where can discover the Alan Wake easter egg.

The hidden location where you can discover the Alan Wake easter egg.

When you fly through that gap in the wall, you’ll discover a hidden location and receive an Ability Point. To find the easter egg, move to the object six space; and pick up the Typewritten Page Procedures collectible on the floor. Then Alan Wake will briefly appear behind the window and mutter a few things. The Typewritten Page Procedures collectible provides further details about Wake’s typewritten page altered item.

The Alan Wake easter egg

The Alan Wake easter egg

2. Jesse’s Golden Suit

There are numerous different outfits for Jesse in Control. Players unlock some of those by completing game missions. However, the Golden Suit is a secret one you can get by cracking a roulette wheel puzzle at Luck & Probability within Research Sector. In the Luck & Probability room, there’s an adjacent room with a roulette table you can only access with level five clearance. Thus, you’ll have to wait until you pick up Dr. Darling’s key later in the game before you can open the door to the roulette wheel’s room.

The roulette wheel

The roulette wheel

When you can enter the roulette table’s room, you’ll need to spin a seven on the roulette wheel. Don’t bother just spinning the wheel, as it’s impossible to roll a seven without solving the puzzle. The roulette wheel also triggers all sorts of accidents when it rolls numbers other than seven. To crack the puzzle, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on all four of the desktop lamps within the roulette table’s room.
  2. Pick up the gold fish statue (with Launch) in the room adjacent to the roulette table. Then take that statue into the roulette table’s room. Toss the statue close to the roulette table. Try to make sure at least some of the gold fish is on the roulette table’s red mat.
  3. Pick up the 4-leaf clover from the pot in the adjacent room, and then plant that clover within the pot in the roulette table’s room (near the TV).
  4. Activate the two Newton Cradle desk toys by the horseshoe and elephant ornaments in the room adjacent to the roulette table. In addition, activate the white cat and horseshoe objects in that same room. All those objects should then be moving.
The Newton Cradle toy you need to activate.

The Newton Cradle toy you need to activate.

When you’ve done the above steps, spin the roulette wheel. It should then roll a seven. When it does, you’ll scoop a couple of Ability Points plus the snazzy Golden Suit outfit. That might not be the jackpot, but it’s a good bonus nonetheless. Thereafter, travel to Executive Sector to try on Jesse’s new outfit.

3. The Eternal Fire Mod

The Eternal Fire mod is one of the best weapon mods in Control you can equip for Grip. That mod provides a 100 percent ammo refund for bullet hits. However, you can only unlock that mod by burning six TVs within the furnace at Furnace Chamber. Check out our “6 Furnace TV Locations in Control for Unlocking Eternal Fire” guide (linked above) for details about where you can find the TVs to burn.

The Furnace Chamber room where you can burn the TVs.

The Furnace Chamber room where you can burn the TVs.

4. The Northmoor Sarcophagus Container

Northmoor was the first Federal Bureau of Control director. You can discover an interesting Northmoor Sarcophagus easter egg by flying up the higher levels of the NSC Power Plant with the Levitate ability. On one of the highest platforms up the power plant, you’ll discover the NSC terminal shown in the shot below. Painted on the power plant just above that terminal are the words: “Northmoor Sarcophagus Container.”

The Northmoor Sarcophagus Container

The Northmoor Sarcophagus Container

The terminal’s screens show there’s a person contained within the power plant. That person is the former FBC director Northmoor, whose body is the NSC (Northmoor Sarcophagus Container) Power Plant’s energy source for powering the Bureau. A collectible document at that terminal reveals further details. You can also discover a hidden location by flying a few platforms higher from the terminal right to the top of the power plant.

5. The Janitor Assistant Outfit

The Janitor Assistant outfit is another of the hidden ones in Control. To get it, you’ll need to complete all Ahti’s optional assistant missions on the noticeboard within Janitor’s Office. When you’ve done all the missions on the noticeboard, Jesse will get the option to take a break within Janitor’s Office. Activate the “Take a Break” mission to grab the Janitor Assistant outfit on the noticeboard.

6. The Shawshank Redemption Poster (Foundation Expansion)

Have you ever seen “Shawshank Redemption”? If not, that’s a film about an innocent banker (Andy) who gets a life sentence for a crime he’s not guilty of. However, Andy later escapes from prison by crawling through a tunnel he dug in his cell’s wall with a rock hammer. He conceals that tunnel behind a Raquel Welch poster.

The Raquel Welch poster in the

The Raquel Welch poster in the “Shawshank Redemption” film.

Jesse makes a couple of references to “Shawshank Redemption” at the beginning and at the end of Control. At the beginning of the game, she says: “The pictures something nice, a landscape, a famous person. Like in that movie, what is it called, the prison movie?” Later, Miss Faden reveals “Shawshank Redemption” was the name of the movie she was thinking of earlier.

The expansion game Foundation includes a “Shawshank Redemption” poster easter egg, which players with the Control Ultimate Edition package can discover. To find it, head to the Collapsed Department Control Point in the Foundation sector. From there, walk through the two Data Entry and Filing doors. Just after you’ve walked through the second Data Entry door, turn right toward the room behind a glass window.

The replica Raquel Welch poster you can discover in Control: Foundation.

The replica Raquel Welch poster you can discover in Control: Foundation.

Break through the window to enter that room. Then pick up an object with Launch, and toss it at the wall area behind the framed picture. That will smash a hole in the wall through which you can walk to enter a hidden room. The hidden room is, in fact, a replica of Andy’s prison cell from “Shawshank Redemption.” There you’ll see the same Raquel Welch poster on the wall behind which Andy concealed his tunnel. That’s also a hidden location you’ll receive a skill point for finding.

Those are some of the best hidden secrets in Control to check out. By discovering those hidden secrets you’ll get ability and skill points, collectible documents, outfits, and a great weapon mod to boot.

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