6 Great Shortcuts in Riptide: GP Renegade

Riptide: GP includes nine wet and wild race tracks. Players will probably win more races by discovering the shortcuts on those tracks. The list below includes six of the best shortcusts in Riptide: GP Renegade.

Riptide: GP Renegade
Riptide: GP is a highly rated Android racing game that’s currently rated at 4.7 (out of five) on Google Play. The game is a little like Asphalt 8: Airborne on water! It is an enthralling futuristic racing game in which players race across waterways and pull off all manner of stunts with their hydrojets.
You can play Riptide: GP Renegade on the Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows platforms. The game is retailing at $2.99 on Google Play and iTunes. The Windows and Xbox One Riptide: GP versions are available at $9.99 on the MS Store.

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Aside from upgrading hydrojets, another way players can ensure they win more Riptide: GP Renegade races, in single player or multiplayer mode, is to exploit the numerous shortcuts on tracks. Most of the game’s tracks include at least one handy shortcut with which you can cut ahead of the other hydrojets. However, most of the tracks’ shortcuts are concealed. These are six of the best shortcuts in Riptide: GP.

Fountain Park Shortcut

Fountain Park includes one of the less obvious shortcuts in Riptide: GP Renegade. The shortcut is at the point in the track with two overarching bridges shown directly below where players can choose to turn either left or right. To find the shortcut, ride your hydrojet straight into one of the curved walls just to left or right side of one of the arching bridges.
Riptide: GP Renegade. The Fountain Park shortcut
The curved wall will propel your rider up into the air much the same as a ramp. Then your hydrojet will land in a raised section of water that you can ride across. Alternatively, players can turn to the left or right (depending on what side of the shortcut they’re on) to fall into a lower middle tunnel through which they can ride. That tunnel also includes a boost gate that will speed up your hydrojet.

Tropico Shortcut

Players can enter the Tropico shortcut at the start of the sewer drain section of the track shown in the snapshot directly below. Instead of falling into the shallow water when entering the drain section, players need to veer hard to the left toward a gap in the fence at the top of the sewer drain. Then you’ll enter a narrow track of water on the left side that includes both a boost gate and ramp to give your hydrojet some serious speed when you re-enter the drain section.

Riptide: GP Renegade. The Tropico shortcut

The Ruins Shortcut

The Ruins includes another of the more concealed shortcuts in Riptide GP. The shortcut is hard to spot as there’s no clear path that leads into it. The shortcut can be found along the stretch of water where the waves get very heavy and toss your hydrojet up in the air. That stretch of water includes pillars on the right side of the track which you can ride under when the waves and water drop down a bit.
Riptide: GP Renegade. The Ruins shortcut
Thereafter, players can continue riding into a tunnel that cuts out some track turns. The tunnel doesn’t include any ramps for speed boosts. However, players can pull off a small stunt at the tunnel’s exit.

Alpha Station Shortcut

This shortcut is one of the trickier ones to enter as players can miss time jumps into the tunnel. So it’s worth practicing the entry into this shortcut. Players can enter the shortcut when riding along the heavy wave stretch of water after the fifth turn on the track. When a wave tosses you up in the air, turn your hydrojet to the right to move toward a hole along the right side of the track. Then you can fall into that hole to land in a tunnel.

Riptide: GP Renegade. The Alpha Station shortcut
The underground tunnel includes a boost game that will boost your hydrojet. It also includes a few pipes along the left and right side that can get in the way. So keep your hydrojet in the middle of the tunnel to ride through it cleanly.

Sky Mines Shortcut

Players can enter the Sky Mines shortcut after the second to last ramp on the track’s lap. After riding up that ramp, move your hydrojet to the far right when in the air. Then you can enter a gap on the right side of the track. It is a relatively short shortcut, but it still cuts out three sharp corners along the track.
Riptide: GP Renegade. The Sky Mines shortcut

Downtown Rush Shortcut

Downtown Rush includes a shortcut within the track’s flooded subway tunnel shown below. Players can enter the shortcut by riding up the ramp on the right side of the tunnel. Approach the ramp more from the left so that you can then jump rightward across a subway platform to enter a second, separate tunnel on the far right. This is a good shortcut as it includes two drops on which players can pull of some tricks to get extra boost for the race.
Riptide: GP Renegade. The Downtown Rush shortcut
Those shortcuts provide quicker routes through tracks and some ramps and drops for players to get some extra boost on. Thus, they’ll certainly boost your chances of winning single player races, or at least finishing in the top three.


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