5 Ways to Save Ciri in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This guide tells you how to save Ciri in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by making the correct dialogue choices. Witcher 3 has variable endings, but the most important thing is that Geralt’s adopted daughter survives. So, make sure you don’t fluff your lines with the dialogue options for saving Ciri listed below.

5 Ways to Save Ciri in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Finding Ciri in Witcher 3 is one thing, but saving her is quite another. The fate of Ciri in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is something your dialogue choices will alter. She will survive or perish at the end of the game depending on what you select Geralt to say during a few key moments. You’ll have to choose your words wisely in some of the five crucial moments toward the end of the game to save her. Here are the five ways you can save Ciri in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Have a Snowball Fight

The first crucial moment for saving Ciri occurs during the “Blood on the Battlefield” quest. Shortly after the slaying of Vesemir, Ciri appreciates she must get a better grip on her powers. Geralt has a few words with her about that at Kaer Morhen. During this scene, you’ll have the following dialogue options:

  1.  “Relax. You don’t have to be good at everything.
  2.  “Think I know what might lift your spirits.

Selecting “I know what might lift your spirits” is the right option to go for here to save Ciri. Geralt and Ciri will engage in a fun snowball fight that cheers her up. If you choose the “relax” option, Geralt and Ciri have a sit-down and a drink that doesn’t excite her.

The snowball fight dialog choice

The snowball fight dialog choice

Tell Ciri to Meet With the Lodge of Sorceresses Alone

This key scene for saving Ciri in Witcher 3 arises during the “Final Preparations” quest, which includes four sub-quests for players to finish. First, you’ll need to complete the “Blindly Obvious,” “The Great Escape,” and “Payback” quests to activate the scene. Then you’ll receive an objective to meet with Ciri in Dandelion’s Tavern. Go see her there, where she tells Geralt the Lodge of Sorceresses (Philippa and Margarita) has invited her to meet with them. Then you’ll have these dialogue options:

  1. Going with you.
  2. You’ll do fine on your own.”

Tell Ciri to go see the Lodge of Sorceresses alone if you want her to survive. Yennefer will then enter the scene and commend Geralt for not going with her. Geralt will do most of the talking when Ciri meets the Lodge of Sorceresses if you choose to go with her.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Complete Edition | Next-Gen Update Trailer

Let Ciri Trash Avallac’h’s Laboratory

Another crucial scene for saving Ciri emerges during the “Child of the Elder Blood” quest. Geralt and Yen get a wee bit suspicious of Avallac’h when Ciri reveals the elf has a hidden lair (otherwise a laboratory). After looking around Avallac’h’s laboratory, Ciri wants to trash the place. Then you’re presented with the following dialogue choices:

  1.  “Calm down
  2.  “Go for it

Tell Ciri to “go for it” and trash the laboratory. Geralt and Ciri will then have a bit of fun letting off some steam by throwing a few things around. Trashing the lab gives you another point for saving Ciri.

Ciri after finishing trashing Avallac’h’s laboratory.

Ciri after she’s finished trashing Avallac’h’s laboratory.

Visit Skjall’s Grave

The next moment for saving Ciri occurs right after the “Child of the Elder Blood” quest has finished. When Ciri leaves Avallac’h’s laboratory, she’ll remember how Skjall helped her against the Wild Hunt and talks about thanking him. Yen duly informs her that Skjall perished during the Wild Hunt’s attack. You’re given this dialogue choice about visiting Skjall’s grave:

  1. Yeah, I’ll go with you.”
  2. No time

For the sake of saving Ciri, select “yeah” to visit the grave. Then you’ll see a “Skjall’s Grave” cutscene secondary quest in which Ciri gives Skjall a proper burial and smacks one of the locals while she’s at it. It’s another moment that gives Ciri a bit more fight, which is crucial for saving her.

Ciri at Skjall's grave

Ciri at Skjall’s grave

Don’t Accept Coins for Bringing Ciri to the Emperor

Another crucial moment that impacts Ciri’s fate will arise on the “Blood on the Battlefield” quest just after the snowball fight (or drink round the table). Before embarking on a quest to slay Imlerith, you’re given the following dialogue choice to take Ciri to the emperor:

  1.  “Gotta visit the emperor first
  2. All right, Velen it is
Geralt's dialog choices for visiting the emperor.

Geralt’s dialog choices for visiting the emperor.

Select to tell Ciri about the emperor, and then say “yeah, you should” when she asks Geralt if they should go see him. This will open up a scene in which the emperor presents Geralt with a pot of gold coins. You’re given the following dialogue choice to accept or reject the moolah:

  1. “Thanks, definitely need it more than you do.”
  2. “Didn’t do this for the coin.”

The wrong choice so far as saving Ciri is concerned is to say “thanks” and take the coins. So, reject the pot by saying “didn’t do this for the coin.” Ciri will be more impressed you weren’t trying to find her just for a pot of gold. You’ll also receive a new stallion from the emperor instead.

Geralt and Ciri meeting with the emperor.

Geralt and Ciri meet with the emperor.

Selecting to see the emperor affects Witcher 3’s ending in more ways than one. If you get the other dialogue choices right, there’s no need to take Ciri to him for the sake of saving her. Don’t take Ciri to the emperor if you would prefer her to follow in Geralt’s footsteps.

You’ll need to select two or three of the dialogue options above correctly to save Ciri in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Three out of five are needed if you choose to see the emperor after finding her. The right choices for saving Ciri are those that show her to fight for herself, as she must do at the game’s climax.

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