5 Tips to Maximize Your Game in Jurassic World Evolution

If you enjoy the latest Jurassic Park video game, Jurassic World Evolution, and want to administrate your park(s) as a pro and make the most out of it, these 5 Tips are for you.

 5 Tips To Maximize Your Game Experience in Jurassic World Evolution.
Jurassic World Evolution is the latest video game from the Jurassic Park franchise to hit the markets. The game was developed and published by Frontier Developments and was released on steam on June 12, 2018. The game places you at the heart of the Jurassic franchise so you can build your own Jurassic World. Bioengineer dinosaurs that think, feel and react intelligently to the world around them and face threats posed by espionage, breakouts and devastating tropical storms in an uncertain world where life always finds a way.

1) Spend some money adapting the terrain

 5 Tips To Maximize Your Game Experience in Jurassic World Evolution. View

One of the most important elements that some people tend to leave aside is the fact that it is necessary and a lot more productive to spend some money adapting the terrain of each island before starting to construct. This is very important and can help you have a more organize and fast response to anything that might happen on the island. If you do not do this you might have to scatter all of the building around, which will cause it to be slower and less productive due to the lack of organization, so keep this always in mind for you're, at the end of the day, administrating a Dinosaur Park, so think as an administrator.

2) Create multiple power stations to avoid disasters

 5 Tips To Maximize Your Game Experience in Jurassic World Evolution. Power Station

One of the most common mistakes made in this game is to construct only a limited amount of power stations and instead used sub-power stations. This can become a problem because you are going to get sabotage a lot. To avoid this try to have more than one power station per perimeter, for this way you can always rely on the extra power station to keep power up and avoid a dinosaur scape, or a delay on a emergency response from the ACU station due to the lack of electricity. Also, try to improve each one and add the extra security to make it more difficult for people to sabotage it.

3) Read the stats of each dinosaur, they do are important

 5 Tips To Maximize Your Game Experience in Jurassic World Evolution. Stats

A lot of people tend to look past the dinosaurs stats, and that results in some dangerous situations afterward, so always look at them and understand them. One of the most important stats to look for are the Population and Comfort stats, for when the limited population exceeds the dinosaurs will become aggressive and start to fight between them, and destroy the fences, as well as if they are not comfortable. Also, try to keep them mixed only with dinosaurs that may not bother them or take to much space from them, for that may also trigger their aggressiveness. So always look at each species stats.

4) Create multiple ranger and ACU stations, and keep them near the dangerous dinosaurs

 5 Tips To Maximize Your Game Experience in Jurassic World Evolution. Ranger Station

One of the most common emergencies you will come across is the fleeing/scaping of dangerous dinosaurs from their habitats, and the ACU is the one responsible of controlling the situation, so always have them near the dangerous dinosaurs so that the response can be as efficient and fast as possible. The same goes for the Ranger stations, for they are the ones that heal ill dinosaurs and re-stock the food supplies on each of the food delivery systems that feed the dinosaurs, among many other tasks. Also try to have at least 2 stations in each island, or in the part has too many dinosaurs, at least one station for every 5-8 dinosaurs (carnivores).

5) Focus on one thing at the time, including contracts

 5 Tips To Maximize Your Game Experience in Jurassic World Evolution. Divisions: Science, Security, Entretainment.
Try to always focus on a single task at a time, for this will make your money last longer and avoid making mistakes. With the contracts, even though you can take on two or more contracts try to focused on just one and to interchange them, for if you focus only on the science department, your security and entertainment departments reputation could become compromised, and you are running a park, not a security, or science or entertainment company, so always try to keep them balanced. Also be sure to satisfy them as much as you can to avoid any power station sabotage, for the departments that fell that you are not helping them are the ones responsible for those power station sabotages that compromise your parks security and stability.

If you make good uses of this tips and apply them to your own games experience I can guarantee you that you'll have a more stable, fun, and manageable park, as well as an easy and safe way to play through the whole game without major problems or dangerous situation that could terminate your game experience with a human butchery and a closed park.

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