5 Tips for Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is everybody’s favorite endless running game on the Android and iOS platforms. Have you recently added Temple Run 2 to your tablet or mobile? If so, check out some of the TR 2 tips below.

5 Tips for Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2 is a smash hit endless runner game that has taken mobile gaming by storm. The game has enthralled players with its exhilarating gameplay and amazing 3D maps. Imangi has recently updated the game with a new Pirate Cove map. Clocking up higher scores by running further and further is the name of the game in Temple Run 2, and the tips below will probably boost your TR2 scores.
If you haven’t added Temple Run 2 to your mobile device, what are you waiting for? The game is freely available at Google Play and iTunes. You can also add TR 2 to Windows 10 Mobile from its MS Store page.

Upgrade Coin Value and Coin Magnet First

The first TR 2 upgrades you should invest in are Coin Value and Coin Magnet. Upgrading Coin Value first will ensure that there is higher value red (2x) and blue coins (3x) on the map. Thus, you’ll then accumulate more coins to boost your scores and spruce up the other upgrades quicker. Coin Magnet will also last longer when you upgrade it so that you can collect more coins with that power-up.

Select Boost as the Special Power-up

Each sprinter in Temple Run 2 has a power meter that you can select one of four alternative power-ups for when you unlock the required sprinters. The power-ups you can select for the power meter are the Shield, Boost, Coin Bonus and Score Bonus. Boost is a great power-up to select as that boosts your sprinter forward and makes him (or her) invincible for a few seconds during runs when you activate it. Selecting Boost for your power meter will give your sprinter more regular invincibility, which will surely extend your runs for higher scores. Note that you’ll need to unlock Scarlett Fox to select the Boost power-up.

Don’t Waste Gems

When you first start playing Temple Run 2, gems might not be so essential as you'll probably break your scoring records with regularity. However, gems will gradually become more essential as your record score gets higher and higher. Gems get you Save Me’s with which you can revive your sprinter to continue running and rack up a higher score. So you might need to accumulate a good supply of gems to beat your record score with four or five Save Me’s.
As the gem cost doubles for each Save Me (without any upgrade), you can quickly blow your gems away during a run and still not beat your high score. As such, don’t buy a Save Me unless you are at least 20%-25% toward your record score when you first need to revive your sprinter. Then you’ll have a reasonable chance of beating your record with three or four more Save Me’s. Never toss 10 or more gems away for a Save Me if you’re nowhere near your highest score as you probably still won’t beat it.

Check Your Objectives

Temple Run 2 includes objectives for players to level up with. Always check what those objectives are as fulfilling them gives you a score multiplier. Those multipliers will boost your scores to give you a better chance of beating your highest score. Furthermore, objectives also provide a few other bonuses to boot.

Slow Down Your Sprinter

Your sprinter will gradually speed up during a run. As such, you need to jump and slide over and under obstacles more quickly as the pace of the run increases. However, you can also slow your sprinter down a bit by swiping left or right once. When you swipe left or right once, you’ll see the monkey just behind; but slowing the sprinter down a bit can come in handy when he’s running very quickly. That will give you a little more time to dodge the pitfalls, but make sure you NEVER swipe left or right twice when the monkey’s just behind as it will catch your sprinter if you do.
With these tips, you might now smash your TR 2 scoring records in no time at all! If you’ve racked up a super high score in Temple Run 2, feel free to share any TR 2 tips you might have below.

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