5 Must-See Pokémon UNITE Tips for Beginners

Pokémon UNITE has hastily become one of the biggest games of the year, and we have 5 tips to help you take your game to the next level. From breaking down basics to in-depth explanations of buffs, this guide has you covered so you can start dominating.

5 Must-See Pokémon Unite Tips for Beginners CoverPokémon UNITE has hit the MOBA scene and seems to have staying power, so learning how to up your game is crucial. Pokémon UNITE, developed by TiMi Studios, takes the MOBA genre and shoots for a more accessible approach with more superficial characters and shorter match times. Here are 5 tips any beginner needs to know.

Knowing your Pokémon

Is your Pokémon support or attack, ranged or melee, what matchups are bad for your Pokémon, and even what lane is recommended? All of these things are key to understanding your Pokémon and accentuate their strengths. For example, ranged attackers like Venasaur and Pikachu thrive at keeping their distance while their attacker awkwardly chases them down until you can get the kill or teammates do. If not pursued, support whoever is being actively attacked. Likewise, melee attackers want to get close for stuns and heavy damage while a support or ranged attacker helps.

Character Classes

Character Classes

Fight with your teammates

Very similar to League of Legends, Pokémon UNITE requires teamwork for consistent success. There is strength in numbers, and if you gain a solid lead against enemy laners, you can still quickly die if you get caught in a 2v1. Positioning and map awareness is essential. Pushing up too far when you know your teammate is spawning and you don’t know where your lane opponents are probably isn’t wise. If you find yourself alone in lane without a teammate, try using the quick chat feature by pressing up on the d-pad and asking for backup. Try to fight on your score point to make it harder for you to get picked and farm wild Pokémon when you have the luxury.

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Don’t feed

Staying in theme with the last tip, a sure-fire way to make sure you lose your lane, is dying over and over for no reason. If you’re constantly dying, you’re doing something wrong, or your teammates are. Best to take a second to observe your map, then decide whether to change tactics in the lane you’re currently losing or go to another area. In situations where you’re outnumbered or significantly under-leveled compared to the opposition, consider an alternative. Hide in grass and use the “return to base” feature when you know you’re likely to die.

Healing and returning to base

One way to prevent unnecessary deaths is to use the “return to base” button. When inside base, your health regenerates at a far superior rate compared to your scoring points. After you return to base, it’s essential to use the jump pad to get back into the action as quickly as possible. But the jump pad is only active after a certain amount of game time has passed, so keep on the lookout for it. If the jump pad isn’t active yet, make sure to use your team’s Fast Lanes. It’s also essential to pass through your score points as they give you extra shields so you can tank more damage. If not, you’re pointlessly allowing yourself to be easier to kill.

The Jump Pad

The Jump Pad


Every League of Legends player knows how essential farming minions are. Falling behind in farming results in falling behind in XP, which can be enough to cement that you’ve lost your lane. Well, it’s no different in Pokémon UNITE. The primary way to accumulate points and experience to level up your Pokémon in-game is to focus on the wild Pokémon scattered across the map. Of course, if your lanemates are fighting, helping is the main priority. Just don’t forget to farm in between fights. If you find yourself behind on XP and getting pushed around by the enemy, sometimes the best move is to focus more on farming than playing in lane.

It’s also crucial to understand the buffs two wild Pokémon and all three special Pokémon provide. Bouffalant gives the Orange Jungle Buff, which causes any enemy hit to be significantly slowed. If your speed has ever dropped mid-game and you couldn’t figure out the cause, this was likely the culprit. This is great for ambushing unsuspecting enemies you know you can beat.

Attacking Ludicolo

Attacking Ludicolo

Ludicolo drops the Purple Buff, which increases damage done to enemies below half health. A dangerous buff for any jungler looking to finish off some weakened enemy players. Both Bouffalant and Ludicolo are great targets when farming, for the XP and points they give exceed most wild Pokémon.

The Special Pokémon is even more important to understand. Starting with the electric-type Rotom, which dwells on the top side of the map. Upon defeat, Rotom advances on the enemy scoring point and helps you fight any Pokémon in your way, players or wild. Once reached the goal, Rotom allows for instant scoring. If you’re sitting on max points and are afraid of dying, using this buff will significantly increase your chances of scoring those points rather than losing half of them. Dreadnaw is located on the opposite side to Rotom and provides all players on the team a decent shield. Both Pokémon provide 20 points to whoever deals the final hit and a good chunk of XP to whoever participated.

Attacking Dreadnaw

Attacking Dreadnaw

Perhaps the most important is Zapdos, who drops a whopping 110 points and allows instant scoring at all goals. Zapdos only appears in the final two minutes of the match, but for those who don’t know, all points scored in the last two minutes are doubled. So if your team does score all 110, it’s suitable for a 220 point turn around. This makes impossible comebacks viable, so never give up and always look to make a play on Zapdos if you can. Buffs for special and wild Pokémon are awarded to whoever lands the final blow, so use that to your advantage.

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”aet0wjrr1d” question=”Who is your favorite Pokémon to play with, and who are some you hope to see added to Pokémon UNITE” opened=”1″]Incorporate all of these tips in your gameplay, and you’ll be sure to improve. If needed, take your time and work on one tip at a time until you get the gist. For now, who is your favorite Pokémon to play with, and who are some you hope to see added to Pokémon UNITE[/wpdiscuz-feedback]?

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