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5 Last of Us Tips to Get You Warmed Up For Last Of Us Part 2

Are you fed up with waiting for The Last of Us: Part 2? Well, with the announcement of The Last of Us Part 2, fans of the Naughty Dog Original 'The Last of Us' have been treated to an early Christmas present. So, here are five tips to get you warmed up and keep you thinking "survival" in preparation for the game's release.

5 Last of Us Tips to Get You Warmed Up For Last Of Us Part 2
Naughty Dog's The Last of Us is one of the most internationally  loved and highly acclaimed PlayStation games of all time. The game has been revered for it's superb acting performances and incredible and immersive story line. Truly the game's impact is a prime example of how video games are becoming more art than mere entertainment. If you're too excited to wait for the release of The Last of Us: Part 2, kill some time by reading these five tips for survival in The Last of Us post-apocalyptic world. 

1. Use Your Super hearing Constantly

5 Last of Us Tips to Get You Warmed Up For Last Of Us Part 2

The Last of Us if unforgiving in many ways. If a clicker gets to close? Dead. If you accidentally throw a molotov on the floor below you? Dead. If you let a boomer grab you? Dead, but this time close your eyes. However, the developers had enough mercy to give players a superpower: that is super hearing. So USE IT. Use it every time you enter a new building. Use it even when you think an enemy is walking away. You don’t lose any health or stamina when using it, so DON’T use it sparingly.

(NOTE: in the multiplayer mode, this is not the case. Players are given a limited time to use the power before having to wait for it to recharge)

2. Scavenge, Scavenge and Then Scavenge Some More

5 Last of Us Tips to Get You Warmed Up For Last Of Us Part 2

Make no mistake in this game you are a scavenger. From the trailers or cover of the game, you may believe you are a stone-hearted badass ready to make The Infected wish they never met you, but you’re wrong. You are a crow. If you don’t scavenge you will die. Even when enemies are in the next room shooting at you, if you see something useful pick it up. Too lazy to walk thirty feet out of your way to check that back alley? DON’T BE! The developers put items in every nook and cranny of every level of this masterpiece.

3. Craft Until You Can’t Anymore

5 Last of Us Tips to Get You Warmed Up For Last Of Us Part 2

One of the best gameplay mechanics of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece is the crafting system. It’s simple, rewarding, and necessary. To keep things mildly realistic, you can hold up to 3 of any craftable items in the game: shivs, molotovs, smoke bombs, nail bombs, and med kits. If your slots are full for any of the scavengable materials, be sure to craft and use them so you can free up space to pick up more.

4. When it Comes to Boomers, Fire is your Friend

5 Last of Us Tips to Get You Warmed Up For Last Of Us Part 2

Boomers are the strongest and hardest enemies to kill. If they get too close it doesn’t matter what items you have, you’re done for. However, fire is there weakness. Well, it’s every Infected’s weakness really, but it’s your best asset when dealing with a boomer. You can choose between wasting upwards of 30 bullets, or just 2 or 3 molotov cocktails. Trust me, it’s much harder to come by ammo than it is to craft 2 or 3 bombs.

5. Stay Stealthy

5 Last of Us Tips to Get You Warmed Up For Last Of Us Part 2

This may be more of a personal preference than a tip, but to fully enjoy this game it’s important to stay stealthy. Strangle your enemies instead of bombing them. Use your bow and arrows for a silent kill instead of blowing heads off with your shotgun. This is a survival horror game and there’s nothing more heart-racing than keeping on your toes every step and trying to take out every enemy in silence. Once the shots start firing, you’re not so far from COD and if you like that sort of gameplay than go for it, but in my opinion the best Last of Us experience comes from keeping it as realistic as possible and where are you going to have better chances: in a 2 versus 10 firefight or by stealthily sneaking past your enemies and taking them out one by one?

I hope you enjoyed this guide and thanks for reading! Have any more tips you think are worth sharing? Let us know in the comments below! And remember when you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light. Believe in The Fireflies!

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I am not sure who you call boomers to be honest with you.

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