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4 tips on how to progress in Wreckfest Career Quickly

Are you stuck in Wreckfest? Would you like to understand how car tuning, restrictions and classes work? Or do you want to progress faster in Career mode, and earn credits much more quickly? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", don't hesitate - read our detailed guide for Wreckfest!

4 tips on how to progress in Wreckfest Career Quickly
As I wrote in my review of Wreckfest, the game feels a bit unpolished and is quite confusing on some aspects related to the Career Mode and the categorization of cars. The same is true of various bonus objectives like "Crash out 3 opponents" – what exactly is considered a "crash out" in Wreckfest? Fear not, as I will walk you through the Career's less obvious aspects and will also show you a method of quickly racking up XP and Credits. If you are just interested in the latter, scroll down to the "Easy Credits and Leveling" section.

Progression in Career

At first glance, progression in Wreckfest's career mode is pretty straightforward: earn points by finishing events, and when you accumulated enough points, the following, higher tier championship will unlock. There are 5 championships, with an increasing amount of events within them. Just like in many other racing games, your goal is to earn the best possible standing in all events – even though this is a destruction derby-themed game, coming out on top is more important in single-player than smashing other vehicles. The same goes for experience gains – look at this XP tally after a 6-lap banger race, where I came out on top – you can see that more than 2/3rd of the total XP came from me being first, the bonus objective and the XP gains for hitting others only make up less than a third of the total.

 4 tips on how to progress in Wreckfest Career Quickly - XP breakdown after race
And finishing in the top 3 comes with another very useful reward – you get a random performance or armor part for the vehicle you used in the race, this way you can avoid purchasing some of those parts.This is not a reliable method of "farming" for a specific part, and it is time-consuming – consider it just a small incentive for performing well.

 4 tips on how to progress in Wreckfest Career Quickly - Career Event selection screen
There are 3 main event types in Wreckfest – Series, Heat Race and individual challenges. The distinction between these is important when looking at scoring. The following screen will show how scoring works, by looking at the Standings tab after finishing one race out of 8 in a Series event. As you can see, first place gets you 100 points, second gets 80, third is worth 70 and so on. The total score is calculated from all races in a Series – for example, if you come out 1st, 3rd and 1st in a 3-race series, you get 100+70+100 points out of 3×100.

Also, it is important to note that because Series races consist of several individual events, your starting position on the grid will be randomized per race. If you get a position in a disadvantageous spot (such as way in the back), you can just press Esc, select Quit to leave the race and restart it from there without losing progress in the series.

 4 tips on how to progress in Wreckfest Career Quickly - Standings after one race
Heat Races are a bit different – they are multi-stage elimination-style events, where you have to play multiple races on the same track to reach the final stage, then win that one to earn the full amount of points. This is similar to how knockout stages work in the football World Cup, for example. In Wreckfest, your goal is to stay in the first half of the field to not get eliminated, then win the final race. Bonus challenges carry over from the first race to the final, meaning you can progress in them over the course of the entire event.

Finally, there are individual events – races, unique challenges such as lawnmower derby, Last Man Standing events and bus vs supervan races. You just have to get the best placement possible – scoring is double of what I showed above. 200 points for first place, 160 for second and so on.

Bonus challenges

Each race in a Series event, every single event, and every full Heat Race has at least one Challenge associated with them. These only give some bonus XP and a goal to chase – since no achievements or rewards are tied to them, they aren't too important, but here are tips for some of them:

  • Spin out at least X opponents: you can spin them out by pressuring their rear from the side or crashing into the side areas near the rear wheel. This only counts if the opponent's car did a 180 spin as a result of your hit.
  • Crash out at least X opponents: crash into an opponent and make them hit a static object on the map, such as a rock, tree, pole or anything else that is immovable.
  • Lead for at least X laps: on the pre-race screen, note the track's length. Your goal is to lead for X times this distance. If the track is 1.2 km long and the goal is to lead for 2 laps, then you have to be first for a total of 2.4 km during the race.
  • Cause at least X damage: just do the specified amount of damage in total during the race. Huge crashes aren't necessary for this one – just small knocks and hustling is enough to accumulate some damage, but huge crashes, especially into cars taking a corner are very effective here.
  • Wreck at least X opponents: you have to deal the killing blow on them to count. This is quite difficult during normal banger races, but easy in demolition derbies. Just look for opponents with barely any HP left and deal the finishing blow yourself.

Car classes and properties

The performance of cars in Wreckfest is measured by Performance Point numbers, which are a ratio of Weight to Power. Many events in Career and some multiplayer servers have restrictions on usable car classes, so knowing how to adjust and adapt to these requirements is a must. As you can see on the screen below, the car's class and PP number are shown in the lower right corner during car selection and on the Upgrades screen. Along with the PP number, you can see the car's Region, Type, and Drive, out of which the first two are important when looking at event restrictions. Before purchasing a new car, always take a quick look at the restrictions imposed on the upcoming events to see whether it is worth getting the vehicle.

4 tips on how to progress in Wreckfest Career Quickly - Car upgrade screen 
Here is a quick rundown on car classes:

  • D class: 119 PP and below
  • C class: 120 – 164 PP
  • B class: 165 – 219 PP
  • A class: 220+ PP

So what affects performance the most? First, the engine. Some cars are quite versatile and can belong to multiple classes, depending on which engine is installed in them. Other important parts are Intake manifold and Fueling system. While these two don't have as much of an impact, they can still push the numbers and the vehicle's performance by a noticeable amount. The rest of the performance upgrades barely have any noticeable effect by themselves, so I would suggest just purchasing the cheapest options of them if you just need 1-2 additional Performance Points and a minuscule acceleration boost.

Installing armor is very important for demolition derby events, since they increase the car's survivability by a significant margin. However, this comes at the price of a huge performance reduction, which can even push the car to a lower rating, possibly making it ineligible for the current event. Because of this, you have to balance out performance and strength, especially if the car's rating is near a threshold by default. Also be aware that most components have to be unlocked by leveling, this is especially true of the strongest engines – but apart from completing career events, how can we earn crazy amounts of XP and credits in no time?

Easy credits and leveling

There is a very easy method of gaining levels and credits quickly. Go into Custom Event, select Madman Stadium as track, and Demolition Arena as game mode variant. Select a car with good Strength value for yourself, and set the game mode to Last Man Standing, the number of opponents to 23 and the AI Class to Lawn Mowers. Also, set the difficulty to Expert for some additional XP bonus. The screenshot below shows these settings.

4 tips on how to progress in Wreckfest Career Quickly - setup for XP farm
After starting the event, just drive around with your car and smash the hapless lawnmover drivers to pieces. Here is the outcome of a 2-3 minutes long session. As you can see, one single run gets you about 8,000 XP and 1280 credits, which is a great result.

 -4 tips on how to progress in Wreckfest Career Quickly - Result of a XP run
Thanks for reading our Wreckfest guide! We hope it helped you in progressing more quickly through the game and in earning lots of XP and credits in a short time. See you in the multiplayer races with your tricked out vehicles!

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