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11 Control Tips for Combating the Hiss

This game guide includes numerous Control tips to aid you throughout Miss Faden’s war against the Hiss resonance. Is the Hiss getting right up your nose (or maybe ear)? If so, check out the tips directly below for Remedy’s epic Control game.

11 Control Tips for Combating the Hiss

Control is a stellar, if somewhat bizarre, third-person shooter based on the exploits of Jesse Faden as director of the Federal Bureau of Control. When Jesse walks into the FBC in search of her missing brother, little does she realize she has stepped into a clandestine government agency under attack by a Hiss resonance from another dimension. What unfolds is a mesmerizing journey into the depths of the FBC as Miss Faden battles it out against hordes of corrupted Bureau agents to defeat a Hiss outbreak. Here are some Control tips to help you stop the Hiss from taking over the FBC.

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1. Upgrade Launch more than Jesse’s other abilities

Director Faden is a parautilitarian who gets equipped with paranatural abilities by discovering the Objects of Power for them throughout the FBC. Launch is undoubtedly Jesse’s most important ability. With that, Jesse can pick up and toss all manner of objects (and wall concrete) without physically touching them at Hiss enemies.

Control - Official Gameplay Trailer

A fully-powered Launch is the most potent weapon Jesse has in her arsenal. Sure, the Service Weapon is also important; but an upgraded Launch does more damage. When you’ve upgraded Launch a bit, you can wipe out weaker enemies with single object throws. So, make sure you prioritize upgrading Launch over Jesse’s other abilities to maximize its attack damage sooner rather than later. You’ll gradually start to forget about your Service Weapon altogether as you upgrade Launch.

2. Equip health and energy mods

Whilst you’re busy upgrading Launch, it’s recommended that you boost Jesse’s health and energy with personal mods. The Health Recovery mod is especially recommended. That mod increases the amount of health regenerated by those light blue health elements that fall from enemies. As those light blue health elements are pretty essential to surviving, equipping Health Recovery is well worth it.

Energy-boosting mods are important for enhancing Jesse’s abilities. With Energy Boost and Energy Recovery equipped, you’ll be able to utilize Launch and other abilities with greater regularity. Jesse’s abilities will recharge more quickly with Energy Recovery equipped. You’ll have a bigger energy bar for utilizing all Jesse’s abilities with Energy Boost equipped. So, those mods are also among the most valuable ones.

The Health Recovery mode

The Health Recovery mode

3. Retreat to nearby Control Points when low on health

Control Points are what stabilize the FBC’s Oldest House and act as save points in the game. However, they’re a bit more than merely save points. Control Points also fully regenerate Jesse’s health every time you access them. When you fall very low on health fighting Hiss enemies, consider retreating to and saving at a Control Point if there is one nearby. Then you’ll have your health fully regenerated and can quickly return to where you were battling with the Hiss enemies.

A Control Point

A Control Point

4. Utilize Shield to move toward enemies and pick up health drops

Shield is another handy ability Jesse unlocks a bit later in the game. That ability enables Faden to raise a shield of debris around herself that protects her from Hiss attacks. Shield is super useful whenever you find yourself in more exposed positions with little cover from Hiss agent fire.

This ability also comes in handy whenever you’re low on health. When your health is low, utilize Shield so that you can walk toward enemies and pick up the blue health drops near them without getting killed. Shield will protect you from enemy fire as you collect the blue health droplets. Then you can retreat away from enemies to some cover when you’ve replenished your health.

The Shield ability

The Shield ability

5. Complete side missions to make Jesse stronger

Control includes numerous non-essential side missions you don’t need to play through to complete the game. However, ignoring all those side missions would be something of a mistake. Aside from missing out on interesting expansions to the game’s story, you’ll also miss out on all-important Ability Points players receive for completing them. By completing the side missions, you’ll get Ability Points to upgrade Jesse’s abilities and make her stronger. With a stronger Jesse, you’ll find it easier to combat the Hiss in Control’s essential story missions.

At the very least, make sure you complete the three optional side missions that give Miss Faden three new Objects of Power for the Shield, Seize, and Dash abilities. Those missions are: “A Merry Chase,” “A Good Defense,” and “A Captive Audience.” If you don’t complete those missions, you’ll be three abilities short for the rest of the game.

Control's mission selection tab

Control’s mission selection tab

6. Keep enemies on their toes

Try to keep enemies on their toes by moving around them and changing positions a lot. If you remain crouched in the same position for extended periods, Hiss enemies will swamp you. Furthermore, your health bar doesn’t automatically regenerate in Control. You’re a much tougher target to hit and can pick up health drops when you’re moving.

7. Don’t waste materials crafting new mods

You’ll pick up countless personal and weapon mods throughout Control when you kill off enemies and open boxes. Why craft new mods with your materials when you don’t need to? It’s best to save your materials for unlocking new Service Weapon forms and extending the number of mod slots for each.

8. Utilize the Pierce gun form against airborne Hiss and slow-moving foes

Pierce is a long-range gun that packs a lot of punch. It’s a bit like a sniper rifle, albeit one without any scope. Although slow, you can often pull off one or two-shot kills against many Hiss foes with it. So, it’s a good secondary gun to combat the Hiss with (especially with mods that enhance its fire rate).

The Pierce gun

The Pierce gun

Pierce is especially effective against slow-moving airborne foes like Hiss Elevated. As Hiss Elevated dodge Launch attacks, you’ll need to utilize a Service Weapon form like Pierce to shoot them down. Pierce is also very effective against the Mold zombie-like enemies you’ll encounter in some parts of Control. Whenever you see an enemy in the distance, switch to Pierce to take it out.

9. Be careful when launching flammable gas canisters

You’ll often find flammable gas canisters within FBC rooms like the one shown in the snapshot below. Those are highly explosive objects that annihilate Hiss enemies when you throw them with Launch. So, keep an eye out for any flammable gas canisters to take out enemies with.

However, you also need to be careful when launching flammable gas canisters. As they’re very explosive, you can annihilate Jesse as well as Hiss enemies when you throw them at targets close to her. Make sure you toss the flammable gas canisters at targets a safe distance away from Jesse to avoid any collateral damage.

A flammable gas canister

A flammable gas canister

10. Levitate to hidden locations

The FBC complex includes 20 hidden locations players can discover to amass more Ability Points. Many of those hidden locations are inaccessible until Jesse discovers the OOP for Levitate. Levitate is a cool ability that enables Miss Faden to fly like Peter Pan for brief periods. When you get that ability, try exploring the Bureau complex in a bit more detail by levitating upwards. You might discover a few hidden locations when you do, which will give you Ability Points to make Jesse stronger.

For example, one of the hidden locations lies at the top of the NSC Power Plant in the Maintenance Sector. Levitate to each of the various higher platforms up the NSC Power Plant until you reach the very top of it. You’ll get an Ability Point when you stand at the summit of the NSC Power Plant.

The top of the NSC Power Plant

The top of the NSC Power Plant

11. Activate Control cheats with Wemod

If your battles against the Hiss in Control ever get too tough, Wemod will help you out. Wemod is software that enables players to activate cheats for a wide variety of Windows game titles. You can activate eight Control cheats with that software installed.

To install Wemod, click the Download for Windows button on its Control cheats page. Then you can install Wemod with the downloaded installer for it. However, Wemod’s Control trainer only supports Epic Games. As such, don’t expect it to work for Control Ultimate Edition downloaded from Steam.

WeMod - The Easiest Way to Cheat in PC Games

Those Control tips will all but ensure you emerge victorious against the Hiss. Now go and save the FBC from the Hiss invasion. Good luck, and enjoy the game.

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