10 WWE SuperCard Tips for Beginners

Dominate the squared circle on your mobile with these beginners tips for WWE SuperCard. Learn how to arrange multiple decks and know which features will greatly help you to rise up the card tiers. Strategies are also provided to assist in avoiding moments of difficulty.

10 WWE SuperCard Tips for Beginners

It’s never a bad time to start playing a new mobile game. Right now, though, is a great time for WWE SuperCard. The card battler has just launched its ninth season after first releasing in 2014. Multiple game modes, card tiers and other features have been added over the years for a player base that’s several million strong. Developers Cat Daddy have included a good, detailed tutorial for newcomers. It can, however, still be intimidating to figure out the keys to rising up the ladder. Here are 10 WWE SuperCard tips for beginners that will help you achieve success.

Log in Every Day

No, this first WWE SuperCard tip isn’t to play the game every day. Taking a few minutes of your time per day to log in, though, can provide great benefits. There are five login rewards that can be obtained in a month depending on how many days you do it. These include credits and cards close to your tier. For very little effort, you could get a superstar that helps one of your bigger decks. 500 credits would be yours too which is always nice.

Players of the highest tier get an Extinction card every month just for logging in!

Players of the highest tier get an Extinction card every month just for logging in!

Sometimes there will be a special pack available as a reward. If your luck is good, you could gain a wrestler of a much higher tier. For example, this month offers a selection of past special edition cards. Grabbing a SummerSlam BCE at the beginning of your experience would guarantee you instant progression. This kind of potential benefit means that logging in every day is well worth doing.

Play All Game Modes

Throughout the many seasons, Cat Daddy have added more and more game modes. Some are always available while others rotate in and out on a weekly basis. Just the amount of permanent modes present can overwhelm new players. This WWE SuperCard tip, though, is to play all of them as often as you can. The likes of Road to Glory and Survivor can earn you some great rewards. You’ll also be able to decide which ones you enjoy, while fazing out the modes you dislike.

Money in the Bank is highly recommended to regularly play. One session of five bouts can give you upwards of 250 SuperCoins, with occasional x2 events increasing this to 500. You can cash in for a really good card after just a few sessions. The brand new TLC mode is also great as you can obtain new cards even while playing a match. There are plenty of opportunities to collect cards without spending a single penny.

Look out for Fortifies

Your work isn’t done on a superstar after combining two versions to create a Pro. 2019’s Season 6 enhanced a card’s limits by introducing Fortification. If you earn further duplicates of someone, then the Pro can absorb them to increase its stats even more. This can be achieved three times with the final results leaving you in awe.

Of course, getting five versions of the same wrestler requires a decent amount of luck. You may not even be using a certain Pro card anymore after pulling a third one. This is still a WWE SuperCard tip worth remembering though. A fortified superstar can make a huge difference in your decks and get you those victories you may not have usually achieved. 

Use the Fusion Chamber

As you progress through the tiers, you will be left wondering what to do with cards that are now surplus to requirements. In Royal Rumble ’22, you won’t have much use for WrestleMania 37 cards. One solution is to throw them into the Fusion Chamber. This is where you can gain a special card by fusing others together, provided you meet the points requirement. Each tier has its own selection of both male and female superstars.

Fusions are typically more powerful than regular cards

Fusions are typically more powerful than regular cards

Utilising this feature is an important WWE SuperCard tip as it allows you to obtain cards in higher tiers. Saving Pros up is recommended as they are worth much more points than singles. It can be tempting to use them to heavily train cards of your current tier. They are better off, however, being used to help get you a wrestler belonging to the level above you or more. I’ve been able to get a Fusion card three tiers above mine in the past, which gave me a huge boost up the ranks. 

Participate in Events

Cat Daddy sometimes hold special holiday-related events that last for a few weeks. The format often consists of players collecting ingredients, through a variety of ways, and then chucking them into a new Fusion Chamber for a chance at obtaining a powerful event card. Odds are usually favourable for all players. This means that anyone could discover a card belonging to one of the highest tiers available. You can be a newcomer in Forged tier and be lucky enough to grab an Octane Christmas card for example.

Spring events have become a yearly tradition

Spring events have become a yearly tradition

A good method to help players do as many special fusions as possible is to spend SuperCoins on draft picks. The board is one way to pull event ingredients, and buying picks is certainly quicker and easier than playing loads of matches. I was able to achieve great success in the recent Halloween event though this method. Partly thanks to some good luck, multiple Arcane cards joined my decks and I shot up a couple of tiers. A newbie is capable of experiencing a similar, if not the same, situation.

Join a Team

Teams are an entirely optional feature, but joining one is a recommended WWE SuperCard tip for beginners. You may have to experience some progression on your own first, though soon you’ll see many options available when searching. The benefits of being in a team include access to even more game modes as well as making new online friends. You could all end up playing against one another in WWE 2K22! Make sure that your strongest cards are in your team deck to increase your appeal and contribution.

Each team’s tier is decided by the game creating an average through every member’s line-up. There’s a chance you may be lucky enough to end up in a group that’s a level above yours. Through modes such as Battleground and Team Stomping Grounds, you can earn cards that overpower your own. You will make great personal progress as long as you pull your weight. Gaining a bad reputation is not ideal. Playing the game entirely solo is just fine, but joining forces with others can give you that extra boost.

Open Free Packs

Being a mobile game, microtransactions are alive and well in the form of Credits which can be used to purchase packs. These have often caused controversy due to their low odds and high pricing. An experienced player can spend 1,000 credits and get one superstar who’s four tiers below their main deck. Both new and long-term players should be wary of buying packs as tempting as some may seem. The free packs, however, can be highly beneficial for the former.

It's very possible to find an Arcane card in free packs

It’s very possible to find an Arcane card in free packs

A free pack contains a wrestler ranging between a large number of tiers, two credits, a Survivor token and sometimes bonuses for a weekly game mode. It regenerates every few hours but viewing an ad unlocks a second one. Currently, Season 8 cards are easily obtainable through this which will guarantee your exit from Season 7 cards as soon as possible. They’re limited, but open free packs are much as you can.

Save Up Currency

As you play the game, you’ll earn SuperCoins, tickets and even Credits. You’d be forgiven for feeling the desire to spend them immediately to gain the best cards of your current tier. This WWE SuperCard tip, though, is to instead save up this currency. A few thousand SuperCoins will allow you to purchase a random superstar in Season 9, for example. As previously mentioned, they can also help you to progress in the special events.

You can earn a Pixel card after saving up a few thousand coins

You can earn a Pixel card after saving up a few thousand coins

Tickets are recommended to be left until you’re near the high tiers. By then, you’ll be able to go on a fun pack opening spree. Credits, meanwhile, may be best spent on bouts for modes such as Road for Glory and Ring Domination. You may find that one card which you really want but you’re running out of time. That virtual money can basically be a ‘get out of jail’ option so that you can complete the long weekend grind.

Remember Strength in Depth

It was mentioned earlier how unnecessary cards should be saved for the Fusion Chamber. This absolutely does not include every superstar who doesn’t make your main deck. Throughout all the game modes, sixteen is the highest number of a deck. One version even requires four cards of each arrow alignment. This is where SuperCard requires some strategic thinking. Is that Pro female from two tiers below still one of your best yellow up arrow cards?

Modes like WarGames need a full strength deck in order to achieve success

Modes like WarGames need a full strength deck in order to achieve success

This tip may be best learned through experiencing the mistake of getting rid of a useful card. Personally, I was once left with a regular female card in a big deck that was at least five tiers below mine. I often went into matches already a point down because of it. Regularly auto-filling your decks is a good way of checking what to not dispose of. Make sure to lock these cards also to prevent any unfortunate accidents from taking place.

Start Four TLC Matches at Once

Season 9’s new game mode is TLC. Based off the popular match type, its gameplay is reminiscent of Battleships. You and an opponent place a ladder (three spaces), table (two spaces) and a chair (one space) on a board then try to find each other’s pieces. Upon uncovering one, you have to win a regular match to eliminate it. You don’t just get prizes for winning, but also for when you destroy a whole object. Just one game can give you some great new additions.

TLC is one of the most chaotic matches in WWE

TLC is one of the most chaotic matches in WWE

Players are able to start four TLC games at once. This final WWE SuperCard tip is to do this when you have the free time available. It’s satisfying to jump between contests and keep your mind constantly working. Some opponents will like to take their sweet time, unfortunately, which makes achieving unlucky rewards rather annoying. This is an enjoyable mode, though, that brings something different to the… table and is easy as well as rewarding to play for newcomers.

Do you have any other WWE SuperCard tips for beginners? How is your main deck currently looking? Let us know in the comments below!

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