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10 Prey Tips for Surviving in Talos 1

This game guide includes 10 Prey tips for surviving in Talos 1. Prey can be a tricky game at the worst of times. Are you finding the Typhon aliens aboard Talos 1 a bit too tough to handle? If so, check out the survival tips for Prey below to get ahead of the game.


Prey is a survival-horror type first-person shooter that stars the scientist (otherwise Transtar’s Director of Research) Morgan Yu. Morgan is caught up in a Typhon alien breakout aboard the Talos 1 space station in the year 2035. To survive the disaster at Talos 1, you’ll need to battle through all manner of Typhon aliens, upgrade Yu’s skillset with Neuromods, and make the most of collected resources. Here are some Prey tips to get you through that game.

Drink Lots of Water

Water regenerates Morgan’s health when you drink it, and you don’t need to pick up any bottles to do so. Talos 1 includes sinks and fountains you can turn on to drink an unlimited supply of water from. So, make the most of the water sources available at numerous bathrooms throughout Talos 1. By drinking plenty of water from fountains and sinks, you can save your Medkits and other health replenishment items for when you really need them.

Water fountains in Talos 1

Water fountains in Talos 1

Drinking water from fountains and sinks can also boost Morgan’s Psi later in the game if you complete an optional mission. You can connect a Psychoactive Particle Injector to the station’s water supply on the Psychic Water mission. When you’ve done that, drinking Talos 1’s water will increase your Psi. To get that objective, you’ll need to find Tobias Frost’s body within the Security Station area of Life Support.

Organize Your Inventory

You can pick up many items throughout Talos 1, which will fill up your inventory pretty quickly. Items can occupy one to three inventory square spaces. When you can’t pick up a big item, such as gun or Psi Hypo, that might not mean you don’t have enough space for it. You might need to reorganize your inventory to make some space for it. To ensure you can pick up larger items, make sure the items in your inventory are grouped to leave large empty spaces for bigger gear.

Prey's Inventory tab

Prey’s Inventory tab

Look for Other Ways Into Locked Rooms

Just because a door is locked doesn’t always mean you can’t enter its room. There are rooms in Talos 1 that have more than one way in. For example, you might be able to smash through a glass window to get inside a room instead of using the door. You can crawl through vents to get into some rooms. In many cases, you can get inside rooms by climbing into them from ceiling entrances (often reachable with Mr. Yu’s trusty GLOO Cannon). Always look up to the ceiling around locked doors to see if there might be some way you can get into a room from above.

Grab the Shotgun ASAP

The shotgun is one of the strongest guns in Prey. That gun is stored within the Security area on the ground floor of the Talos 1 Lobby. As the Security room is sealed behind a coded door, it doesn’t look like you can grab that gun without finding the room’s code.

However, as stated in the previous tip, you don’t always have to open a door to enter its room in Talos. You can grab the shotgun as soon as you first enter the Talos 1 Lobby near the beginning of the game without opening the Security Station’s locked door. To do so, climb up onto the yellow pipe (shown directly below) along the wall by the stairs that lead down to the Security Station’s door. Walk along the yellow pipe until you see a tunnel above the door. Dropdown into that tunnel to approach a hole in the ceiling you can drop through to enter the Security Station. Then you can pick up the shotgun from one of the desks there.

The yellow pipe you need to climb on to enter the Security Station.

The yellow pipe you need to climb on to enter the Security Station.

Prioritize Fabricating Ammunition

You can generate healing items and ammunition at fabricators. However, it’s more important to stock up on ammo at fabricators than Medkits. Talos 1 is chock-a-bloc with food and drink healing items you can pick up throughout the station. Furthermore, there are plenty of Medical Operator robots available through the game. Weapon ammo, however, is a bit harder to come by; and you’ll also use it up pretty quickly. So, make sure you fabricate much more ammunition than Medkits.

The fabricator

A fabricator

Don’t Waste Ammo on Mimics

Mimics aren’t especially tough Typhons, but they’re pesky little critters that can pop out from nowhere and move quickly. There are also many of them in Talos 1, and you’ll use up lots of ammunition if you often utilize your pistol and shotgun against Mimics. To preserve ammo for bigger enemies, it’s better to take out Mimics with your GLOO Cannon and wrench. Fire the GLOO Cannon to keep Mimics still, and then wack them down with the wrench.

Repair and Deploy Turret Machine Guns Against Enemies

Talos 1 is full of portable turret machine guns that can come in handy. Some of them are broken, but you can repair them when you’ve unlocked Repair II and III. When they’re fixed, you can pick up and deploy turrets in positions where they’ll fire at Typhons. Multiple turrets can be handy traps for annihilating aliens if you make good use of them.

A turrent machine gun

A turrent machine gun

However, turrets will shoot at Morgan if you’ve installed more than two Typhon Neuromods. For that reason, it’s a good idea not to get carried away with unlocking alien powers. Turrets will also become hostile when Technopaths are around, which is something you can fix by hacking them.

Climb the Tree to Reach Alex Yu’s Office

Alex Yu’s office is situated within Talos 1’s beautiful Arboretum atop a tree. You can’t reach that office via the Grav Shaft elevator without either the code for it or level four hacking. If you don’t have the code or level four hacking, you can climb a tree to get there instead.

To do so, climb (or jump) up the tree just opposite The Bridge elevator in the Arboretum (shown directly below). Jump from the tree onto some of the underpinning rock below the balcony. Then you can move along the edge of the rock to reach the office’s balcony. Then you can pick up some Neuromods and other goodies from Alex’s office.

The tree leading to Alex's office.

The tree leading to Alex’s office.

Get Hacking

Hacking is very useful in Prey. You can hack doors, safes, computers, and turrets throughout the Talos 1. By fully upgrading hacking on the skill tree, you’ll be able to access most of the space station’s restricted areas, safes, and computers without needing to find codes. So, it’s well worth investing your Neuromods to enhance Morgan’s hacking talents pretty sharpish.

Unlock Kinetic Blast

If you’re going to unlock and upgrade just one Typhon power, Kinetic Blast should be it. Kinetic Blast is one of the most potent weapons in Prey that’s effective against pretty much all enemies. However, it’s best to save it against the toughest aliens, such as the Telepath or Technopath. Having Kinetic Blast and a good amount of Psi for it will save you a lot of gun ammunition.

Prey can be brutal at times. It’s not easy to complete, but those Prey tips will make the game a bit easier for you to play through. Good luck, and enjoy the game.

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