Win Northgard in our Giveaway! We have 10 keys worth $199.

Do you like Vikings? Strategy games? Perfect gameplay, graphics and sounds? Then you must win Northgard in our giveaway! Or at least try :-).

Northgard giveaway

Win 1 out of 10 keys of Northgard – great strategy game!

On Steam the game has received Very Positive score from 1,560 reviews.

Northgard is a simplistic city management game from Shiro Games that puts you in charge of a small Viking village in search of glory and riches. However, as the game progresses you discover that achieving victory is not as simple as catching a few fish, cutting down some trees and storming the gates of your enemies.

The game combines a fine mix of strategy and city planning into a game that is neither too simple nor overly complex. The various victory conditions mean that there is no perfect way to play since your path to domination may be overshadowed by a competitors pursuit of ultimate wisdom.This promises enough versatility to keep you coming back for more and more. Just watch the trailer below.

And now there is nothing more simpler than entering the giveaway. Sign up using your email or social account and if you will become the lucky winner, you can expect the Steam code right after the giveaway ends.

If you will not win then of course you can buy the game on our EShop and support the developers.

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ahhh man I misted the giveaway



Thanks, I got my prize =)


any keys left?


Cross my fingers and hope to win! 🙂


This is a great game! Hope to win the key! I am really looking forward to it!

dobrý člověk

cool i guess


Thank you for this opportunity.

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