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WildStar – final review

WildStar - final review.

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Eurogamer wrote review of Wildstar. It took some time but on the other hand the author is able to evaluate all the features and facts of the game. Which he did.

Richie Shoemaker says in the end that:

For those burnt out on WOW's content, WildStar is easy to endorse. Immediately familiar to anyone who's visited Azeroth and with enough new twists on the tried-and-tested theme park formula, Carbine's game is so overflowing with stuff to do that it's certainly justified in asking for a subscription – even if less people seem prepared to sign up to one. It's more difficult to recommend WildStar to those who've tired of the MMORPG treadmill and its incessant need to put characters through the same old process of grinding quests and raids to reach a level cap and acquire the best gear. As much as WildStar seems to effortlessly hit all the right notes, essentially the song remains the same. 

Game score: 7/10

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