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Why We’re Not Entirely Sold On God Of War

There is no doubting that God of War is one of the bigger titles showcased at E3. While we already knew it existed, it was nice to see more footage of the game in action. Still, we are not entirely convinced that this new entry in the God of War franchise can live up to its predecessors.

Why We're Not Entirely Sold On God Of War
God of War is an upcoming game from Sony Santa Monica and is strangely not a reboot despite the fact that it has the same name as the first game. While it did garner some praise at this E3 and it certainly looks like a pretty game, there is something distinctly not God of War about it. These are just a few of the reasons that we are just not entirely sold on the new God of War just yet, confusing name aside.


From everything that has been shown to us at E3, everything seems a little on the slow side. This isn't necessarily a bad thing in of itself, but I don't think it mixes well with the God of War franchise. When someone mentions God of War, I don't think of daddy Kratos trying to teach a child. I think of a man who is far more likely to introduce the back of his hand to said child's face. I admit that I'm interested and excited to see Kratos go back to having a character arch and growing, but from what has been shown so far, I just feel it is a little too slow.

Why We're Not Entirely Sold On God Of War. The family is an interesting dynamic, I'm just worried about pacing.

The Axe

Kratos' main weapon in the trailers so far is the axe, and I'm not a huge fan of it. It is a much slower and less interesting weapon that his old duel blades. While I'm sure that axe is just one of many weapons, I don't feel it is a particularly interesting weapon to showcase. It makes the combat seem almost sluggish when compared to the other games in the franchise. This could easily be saved by having the other weapons be far more interesting, but I'm not entirely convinced the pace will completely change. I feel like what they have shown in the trailers is a good indicator of what players can expect of combat throughout the game. While they will obviously mix it up here and there, I don't think the overall pace will change.

If they do decide to slow the pace of combat down, I believe it to be an odd change. God of War has always been about quick and visceral combat and that just hasn't been evident in the trailers we have seen so far, which is a shame. They can clearly still do size, as the giant snake monster at in the E3 trailer shows, but I need more than just big things to kill now. Killing big things was the entire point of God of War III. I'm curious to see if the slowing of pace is an attempt to make the combat more nuanced. Personally, though, I don't have any problem with hack-and-slash combat that focuses on dodging and rolling to avoid taking big damage. It is definitely something to keep an eye on in future trailers and when the game eventually launches.

Why We're Not Entirely Sold On God Of War. God of War can still create big creatures, but we need more than just size.

The Enemies

The enemies shown off so far in God of War have been lackluster. There hasn't been too many of them and they seem so unthreatening. Even that snake monster at the end doesn't look that great. Though if it is as dangerous as it is ugly then I'll be singing a different tune come launch. I'm pretty sure it has an algae beard and I don't know how to feel about that.

An odd part of this may be the camera angle. They decided to go for a more over-the-shoulder approach which limits what they can throw at the screen so the combat encounters appear more limited than the zoomed out approach the previous games used. Still, I won't deny that some of them do look pretty awesome, but they also look like things I've seen before.

I think that is my biggest gripe so far. I haven't seen anything interesting creature that isn't at least familiar to me from the previous entries in the series. The switch to Norse mythology gives them a lot of room to work with, and I want to see unique and diverse enemy designs that aren't recognizable from the other games. They have a lot to work with, and I just don't feel they have lived up to the possibility with what has been showcased so far.


These are just a few of my current worries for God of War. I don't doubt that it will be a good game, I'm just worried it won't be a great one. God of War is a fantastic series and I want to see them do justice for Kratos and his journey. While I certainly don't mind them mixing with the formula, what I've seen so far doesn't even really feel like God of War. I think I would prefer it if this were a new IP.

Still, I do have high hopes for the game. Sony Santa Monica has done fantastic work in the past and exploring a Kratos as he adapts to the world without his pure hatred is an interesting idea. I think this game can be done very well. I just don't want them to get too far away from the fast-paced combat that was both challenging and fun along with interesting boss fights that kept you engaged that made God of War that fantastic series it has become.  

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Nick Banks

Haha good ol’ hindsight


Boy were you wrong about everything.


Oh no


Please delete my previous ‘test’ comment.     I’m the #1 god of war fan, but…     When i see such slow pace, it suddenly stinks like ‘multiplayer’.     I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a multiplayer version of GoW4, with dozens of characters to choose from, skins, colors, perks, weapons, magic potions, etc…     … you know, the kind of games where studios make billions and billions, in just a few months, with cool loot boxes, where we ean stuff we don’t need or can’t actually use…     God of war had its unique… Read more »


So being “#1 god of war fan” hope you’ve played the new one by one. And I hope you regret your Negative thinking because this game was freaking awesome (just finished it) and let me ask you, if you were a game developer or producer whatever, are you not gonna want your game to grow or do you wanna keep doing triangle triangle square( it was awesome no doubt ) over again even after like 10 years? Come on be a fan and praise the game for its positive growth and especially how beautiful the land and the story itself is.


The way I’ve played GoW is this: a bunch of friends comes over at my place and we play it together, taking turns at bosses and puzzles. I’m worried that this new game will be much slower, longer, with unnecessary focus on story, making it too boring to play with friends.


What I’m worried about is if it’s gonna be yet another crafting game. I hate crafting, it’s so pointless. They’ve ruined tomb raider, making it a crafting instead of an epic puzzle game.


GOW4 is the best




God of war 4 = Better story, Realistic close combat, more skill, Tactical gameplay, Weapon+shield, Fast swings + Boomerang Swings, fatalites, punches



Old Gow = triangle+triangle+triangle uber attack, overpowered Kratos, Rage, Rage, Revenge…


Which made old gow a perfect game to invite a bunch of friends, order pizza and play in turns and have fun. GoW4 doesn’t seem that fun. It lost its arcadey feel. Now each of my friends will probably have to spend hours learning how to play it. The simplicity will be lost, it doesn’t seem to be ‘pick up and play’. Hope I’m wrong.

MS shill

an unknown website writing trash. How much has MS paid u shillls ?? nothing saves xbx brand lol



Xbots at neogaf forum are making change org petition about allowing crossplay for minecraft on PS4. The intention is to make minecraft a big ip so that MS can launch it exclusively on xbx next , while taking some sales from next ps5



Do you think we are all stupid?


I feel the same way as the author. Combat looks like the ol hold L1 to lock onto enemy thing vs the quick free flowin style that made the originals so good. I hate the whole Kratos is a Dad thing….I dont want to be anyone’s parent. It looks good and its gonna be a must buy, but im not really excited about it all so im hoping for some sort of surprise


Sounds like you want the same GOW we have seen for years. Do you want a reboot? Or you just dont want to see him get old and have growth?


Way too early to tell most of this. I wasn’t sold on the father / son hook until I saw the new trailer. When Kratos is explaining not to have compassion for your enemies to his son that is the old Kratos. I bet the story keeps old Kratos on a leash but lets him out on occasion.


“The enemies shown off so far in God of War have been lackluster”     LMAO Well that’s a load of horse shit, and frankly you’re the only person i’ve seen that’s disappointed by the trailer. Not sure if you have an agenda (smells fishy to me) but this game has everything going for it and more. The enemies have been spectacular so far. I was blown away by GOW initial reveal, and this trailer took my expectations to a whole new level. The gameplay looks brutal, the scale looks massive, the story looks like its perfectly set up, the… Read more »


Enemies have not been spectacular compared to previous games. Looks brutal have you played GOW fights with Zeus/Aries. Best game at E3 maybe top 5

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