We Are The Dwarves – Giveaway

We Are The Dwarves is a fantastic addition to the strategy genre of games. This is not only because of the art style and storyline, but because of the way that it tries to mix MMORPG elements in through the use of skill trees. And now you can win the game for free!!!

10 keys just for you in our new weekly giveaway!!!

We Are The Dwarves Review

There is not much to say. This game is simply awesome strategy game with three Dwarven astronauts trying to save their race. We gave the game great 7.5 / 10 but we are not alone in this rating. Watch our review and see it for yourself. But even players on Steam think the same and the game got 9 / 10 from 135 reviews!

Watch the review above and quickly enter the giveaway! 


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    Blargh. Ended? I missed it? (pout)

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      Yeah, sorry :-). But we have other giveaways every week.

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    Ah ended what a mess


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    Me and my brother signed up using referral codes (+8) but they are not marked. Can you please confirm? wn.nr/Q3xXnZ and wn.nr/sk5jrh

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      Hello. We have checked it and the referral works. If your friend register through the referral link then you should see above in your entries +8. But he must register with a non-used email in the giveaway. Just refresh this site and you should see it.

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    Good luck everyone from http://www.welovebundles.ru 😉


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