Wasteland 2 – review

Wasteland 2 - review. Worth of your money? 1.5m in 4 days!

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Wasteland 2 has sold more than 1.5m copies in just four days. That is a hell of a lot of money for a Kickstarter game. Many studios can envy this success.

But is the game well made and ready to steal many hours of your time? It seems that it is. 

Gamespot put 8/10 and write in detailes the review.


This word is one the most important in the game Because all your actions are chosen from several options and all of them create consequences. You can choose to let someone die, try to help him or ignore him. And it will influence the world around you.

The same in combat. There is a huge breath of fighting styles. You can choose from many skills, use different tactics and try to defeat your enemies the way you like. However these more detailed options are used rather for the higher difficulties.

But there is also a downside of the game. Some events are managed by a chance or dice rolls (virtually). So not everything ends like it should because you were just unlucky.

But the game is worth your money and time. That's for sure. If you like Fallout, deep skill system, thorough characters progression, wasteland and game system similar to the best games of the gaming history then you should go for it.

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