Top 5 Treyarch Zombie Maps

It's the perfect time of year to review the Top 5 zombie maps that Treyarch ever released to the public, with the new Call of Duty around the corner and yet another new zombies story-line about to begin. I wanted to go back to the very first game that ever had zombies, so welcome to my top 5 Treyarch zombies list going from World of War all the way up to Black ops 3!

Top 5 Treyarch Zombie Maps: What is number 1?


Since the release of Call of Duty: World at War in 2008, developers Treyarch have brought us a series of thrilling-rollercoaster ride zombie maps – from the classic Nacht Der Untoten, to the revolutionary Gorod Krovi map brought to players in Black Ops 3.

So, I hereby welcome you to my 'Top 5 Treyarch Zombie Maps' of all time. I have judged these maps by what they bring to the table, and how they changed the zombie genre for many Call of Duty fans. Readers, please do keep in mind that I'm not including any of Infinity Wards zombies or extinction maps – including Advanced Warfare's "Exo-zombies". Therefore, this is list is purely for maps made by Treyarch; I have assessed how they have changed and made zombies one of the most enjoyable survival horror games. In addition, this list is also purely opinion based, if you feel like some of my choices are not in accordance to your opinion, comment down below.

Top 5 Treyarch Zombie Maps: Gorod Krovi


This may very well be my favorite Black Ops 3 zombies map ever. The design of the map is amazing and the concept is perfect. Being one of the more challenging maps that Treyarch have released during the Black ops 3 collection, the map holds meaning. In addition, the ability to do time challenges with the aim of unlocking secret melee weapons is a great feature, as well as being able to ride dragons. This map also allowed for every player to unlock and use the wonder weapon, just like Origins!

Although it doesn't seem that interesting from the outside this map really is amazingly designed. Considering all the other BO3 maps just felt boring and were way to easy. This map really is Treyarch going back to their roots and developing a map that has the ability to be played over and over again. So for that, this map lands the bottom spot at #5!

Score: 6.7/10

Top 5 Treyarch Zombie Maps: Der Riese


I had to include a classic zombie map, something that holds the true value of zombies. This is the map that really made gamers become die hard zombie fans. Although this map may be nothing special, compared to its more modern counterparts, it holds an extremely simple concept – just survive! While the new zombies allow for players to run around completing little mini-Easter-eggs this maps main focus is trying to get you to survive. Don't be mistaken though, this map did add some major features into zombies, like teleportation, and the ability to pack-a-punch weapons.

Considering that this map added pack-a-punch and teleportation that alone would land it on this list. Although it also added something more valuable than both of those game elements. Der Riese was the first map that had an Easter-egg in it (Simon says). Although the Easter-egg was nothing special it still gave us the first insight into Richthofen's story-line. Now for all those reasons, this map lands my #4 spot! 

Score: 7/10

Top 5 Treyarch Zombie Maps: Buried

3. Buried

This may be my most controversial pick for the list, and probably has you wondering why I chose such a map? This map often gets passed up as just another Tranzit crew map that holds no meaning. The maps design was weird and different, it had witches who were strong, an alcoholic giant who you needed to open up doors. The map was tightly designed, meaning minimal running space. To top it off, if you wanted to upgrade your gun you had to battle your way through a terrible house and figure out a maze. This map has many downsides if you think about it only from a bad perspective.

Buried allowed players to make a decision on the Easter- egg they wanted to do. Did they want Richthofen or Maxis to take control of the zombies? It also tried a  new concept (wall guns) where you could draw certain wall weapons using chalk and get some money for it, it also had the concept of half the doors would cost money while the rest needed to be broken. Another amazing concept was that the wonder-weapon actually allowed players to get around the map using different techniques instead of running! For those reasons this map gets #3.

Score: 7.5/10

Top 5 Treyarch Zombie Maps: Origins


Origins is one of those maps that you'll see on every-ones top 5 zombie map lists, for the reason that it was the epic conclusion (or so we thought) to the zombies franchise. This map and Mob of the dead are very controversial when it comes to being the best of all time, the only difference is Origins doesn't introduce as many features into zombies as Mob of the Dead. Not to discredit Origins, Treyarch made a another perfect map with this one, the fact that every character could have a wonder-weapon was an amazing idea!

The major problem with this map was the epic conclusion to Treyarch zombies wasn't epic. The ending let down fans and everyone was disappointed with how the story tellers ended the series. Plus it didn't help that giant feet could kill you, and it wasn't a fan favorite that half of the map made your character run slower… so for all the problems that this map gave everyone it gets #2!

Score: 8/10

Top 5 Treyarch Zombie Maps: Mob of the Dead


Mob of the Dead is one of those special zombie maps that really fell into everyone's hearts. Its new map design like nothing the community has seen before, the all new weapons, the introduction to side easter eggs, and of-course afterlife. This maps play-style introduces a whole new aspect into the zombies franchise and allows players to not only just survive but also complete random little Easter eggs that help them through out the game.

Now not only was this map crazy amounts of fun to play it also holds deep roots within the whole Treyarch zombies story-line. Although often new players will push it to the side because its not the main 4 characters that we are used to seeing. This map (Alcatraz) is the home of Richthofen's lab and where the Tranzit crew are currently! So for all those reasons this map lands my #1 spot! 

Score: 9.6/10

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