The Magic Circle Giveaway

After the biggest giveaway last time worth $19.990 we are back to "normal". Right now you can win a game which is the first game on our site rated 10/10! Trust us that this game is worth your money and if not money, then you can still try your luck. With us. Right? :-)

darkly comedic story where you need to release a game from the inside. uh!? just read more and get the key!

The Magic Circle Giveaway
Do you like fourth wall break? Awesome interactive games? Feeling like a Pokemon trainer? Or uncovering amazing story and plot as you traverse through diverse parts of worlds? Then you’ll love The Magic Circle! The game can be bought on Steam for $19.99.

And be sure to check our review which will explain and show more of this strange but absolutely great game. Or watch our Let's play on YouTube!

It's the first game with the highest score 10/10 on KeenGamer!

Part of our team is leaving for vacation and after such a big giveaway last time, we have decided to make this one longer. You can try to win The Magic Circle until July 13th. And after you can expect other great games to win!!!

The Magic Circle Giveaway 


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    Heave a good vacation!)

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    must check it out


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