The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dreams – Giveaway

We have for you a new game which you can win in our weekly giveaway. Don't miss it and get this point&click adventure for free! And this one could be even more interesting for you children.

10 KEYS of emerald maiden just for you!!!

Emerald Maiden: The Symphony of Dreams Review

Do you like point&click adventure games or puzzles? Maybe looking for hidden objects all over the screen? Then this game is for you or for your children. With nicely detailed cutscenes, subtle and relaxing music and easy to understand gameplay mechanism this could be a perfect gift for you, your wife or simply a game for relaxing Sunday afternoon. You just need to make few more clicks and hope that you win 1 out of 10 keys ;-).

The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dreams – Giveaway

The Emerald Maiden Giveaway


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    Good luck everyone!

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