TankZone Battle – Win 1 out of 6 keys

We have several keys which you can easily win. Try your luck and get the game!

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The giveaway has ended and winners were emailed. Congratulations!

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TankZone Battle contest

Winners will be emailed November 4th 2015 after 7 p.m. GMT.


We have 1 more key. Just write down in the comments below why you should get it. Original and interesting comment has a higher chance to win. We will take into account also how many likes (+) your comment gets. So even your friends can help you, don't forget.

(Only comments from registered users will be accepted. We must have a verified email address where to send the game key.)

Check the review of TankZone Battle and watch our Gameplay below.



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    This appears to be influenced by battlezone from 1980 and battlezone from 1998 (free at battlezone1.com) Our modding community might be interesting in looking at a free copy.

  2. Avatar photo

    Yes, this game is similar as counter strike but with tanks. But is unknown. Journalists = shame! We have news about Battlefield, Call of duty and other shits every day. I can’t find any review on this game. Shame !!! (This is not against KeenGamer, it is against others! This site is bright exception)

    • Avatar photo

      True. Unfortunately it’s simply not interesting for them or they have no idea about it… Btw. if you would like to win the key, please register 😉

  3. Avatar photo

    I try to win for the second time. First post should win … Maybe my friends come here and help me with likes. Your gameplay looks interesting and I don´t know anything about this game before this competition.


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