Rogue State Giveaway

Become a new ruler of a broken state just recently taken from the grasp of a vicious dictator and decide the future of your state by passing the legislation as fast as your tiny, politician hands can. Enter the giveaway and do what must be done.

Rogue state

10 keys in our weekly giveaway

Rogue State Giveaway
What do we say in our review?

I really enjoyed my time with Rogue State, and it may have sold me on strategy games as a whole. What really surprised me was how tight this game was, and by that I mean, that not a single piece of it seems unnecessary. Every feature is fun and well implemented, the story is decent, and I loved the artwork in the text screens.


The game is worth $12.99 on Steam and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get the game for yourself or as a present for someone else. Don’t you want to lead and manage your own country? Everyone wants to be Obama 🙂

Rogue State Giveaway

Rogue State Giveaway

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