The Uncharted Quiz: Do You Know Your Marco From Your Polo?

Today, we're taking you to a place greater than Shambhala. We're offering you a treasure more sought-after than El Dorado. But importantly, this Uncharted quiz will require more courage than trying to finish an Uncharted game on crushing difficulty.

The Uncharted Quiz: Do You Know Your Marco From Your Polo? Cover

The Uncharted series has become as legendary as the treasures and locations in the games themselves. What started as a venture into the jungle – accusingly similar to the adventures of Lara Croft – has now become one of the most lauded video game franchises in history. The wise-cracking antics of Nathan Drake has become a relic within itself. He’s ‘crapped’ more times than a teen in a horror film, and probably killed more people than Rambo and Thanos combined. These are just some of the traits you’re going to require if you hope to explore uncharted territory in our Uncharted quiz.

Disclaimer: DON’T kill more people than Rambo and Thanos combined! Just kill this Uncharted quiz.

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