The Post-Apocalyptic Fallout Quiz: Will You Set The World On Fire?

It's time to stop exploring the wasteland, and start answering its greatest questions. We've got 15 conundrums, based on Bethesda's long-running, post-apocalyptic paradise, for you to endure. Don't take too long though, RadAway will only do so much for that plutonium sweat dripping off of you.

The Post-Apocalyptic Fallout Quiz: Will You Set The World On Fire? Cover

Most of us, at one point or another, have been irradiated by the contaminated world that Fallout has presented for the last several decades. Its dystopian take on world-recognized cities is a harrowing reminder of the horrors of nuclear war. Only one human being needs to light the match, and we all perish. Delightful isn’t it! Thankfully not as delightful as this sumptuous desert of guns and goons populating our Fallout Quiz. As usual, we’ve come up with 15 questions to test your mettle, and see if you’re fit to wear the metal of the Brotherhood of Steel.

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