Soulcalibur Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Stage of History?

See how well you know Soulcalibur by putting your knowledge of souls to the test with this quiz! A franchise spanning 25 years, there are many games to its name and characters that have come and gone. With an anniversary of its first console port coming up, let's re-familiarize ourselves with the impactful fighting franchise.

Soulcalibur Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Stage of History? Cover

When you think of legendary fighting franchises, you may not immediately think of the Soul seriesStreet FighterTekken, and even Mortal Kombat are likely more popular selections when it comes to the public eye. However, the Soul series has had very well-received titles of their own, including breakout hits like the Dreamcast-exclusive Soulcalibur and its sequel title. Filled to the brim with fantastical plotlines, memorable characters with unique weapons, and world-changing events, it’s certainly easy to fall for. For those already acquainted, test your knowledge and put your soul on the line: this Soulcalibur quiz will prove your fighting (game) prowess.

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