Pokemon Quiz: Can You Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was?

All those years of playing Pokemon games have culminated in this and led to this moment. A wide-ranging Pokemon quiz with questions spanning three decades. 15 individual gym leaders that you'll have to overcome and prove to everyone, that you're the very best. Or you can shrivel up and splash like a Magikarp or something, up to you.

Pokemon Quiz: Can You Be The Very Best, Like No One Ever Was? Cover

We’ve all dreamed of being the number one Pokemon trainer in the world at some point…right? No? Just me? Either way, the ultimate Pokemon trainer is one of courage, knowledge, wisdom, knowledge, bravery, and knowledge. So you’re going to need to put all of that to good use, especially the knowledge, if you want to prove your worth as a Pokemon perfectionist by capturing our Pokemon quiz. Knowing your Pokemon, your games, and your islands are just some of the rare candies you’ll need to have consumed to level up to the occasion. Our Pokemon Quiz will test all facets of your psyche and really seek to worm out the Pokemon aficionados from the posers that claim to have a Pokemon encyclopedia for a brain, when it’s actually just a hollow Metapod. 15 questions, can you answer ’em all?

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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are now available to buy – exclusively – on Nintendo Switch.


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