League of Legends Quiz: Are You a MOBA Master?

Find out if you know League of Legends with this all-encompassing quiz! With the recent release of Seraphine as a champion, now's a good a time as ever to note the basics as well as the obscure. Despite being over a decade old, League of Legends is still among the most popular online games of the current generation.

League of Legends Quiz: Are You a MOBA Master? Cover

League of Legends is the pinnacle of the MOBA genre of games. For over ten years the game has continued to pull in million of players and introduce tons of content, for better or for worse. Their most recent experiment came through the reveal of Seraphine, who was even provided her own Twitter account prior to being playable. From tournaments to popular Twitch streams, the reach of this game seems to expand with each passing day. With all that’s happened, a look back at 10+ years of history seems almost necessary, particularly for those nostalgic for the early years. This quiz will test your knowledge with both basic and complex questions pertaining to League of Legends and its large assortment of mechanics.

For more information on the latest patch, check out the LoL website.

Seraphine Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

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