Grand Theft Auto Quiz: It Would Be Criminal If You Didn’t Pass This Quiz

Who hasn't heard of the controversial series that redefined the sandbox genre? Over the last 20+ years, GTA has arguably gotten bigger and better. We sense you're feeling quite smug about being a GTA enthusiast right now, so read-on, and let's see if you know as much as you think you do.

Grand Theft Auto Quiz: It Would Be Criminal If You Didn't Pass This Quiz Cover

Hundreds of millions of copies sold. Billions made in lifetime revenue. Lawsuits. One controversy after another. Some of the the highest rated games ever created. This is Grand Theft Auto in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen. The inescapable series of sandbox symphonies singing to their own gloriously detailed tunes. So you can imagine that it was quite difficult trying to single out 15 individual aspects of the franchise into questions. But it’s been done. The Grand Theft Auto Quiz does in fact exist.

Regardless of what people think of GTA, they’ve done as much for the gaming industry as anyone. So take our Grand Theft Auto Quiz, and go on this violent and disturbing journey with us to see what challenging craziness awaits.

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