Fortnite Quiz: Where Are You Landing In Our Quiz?

Our fab, Fortnite quiz will see how much information you've absorbed in its overwhelmingly successful 3 years of ruthless domination. That's right, the world's most famous Battle Royale game has solidified its status as a behemoth, by receiving its very own quiz. Do you know your Pumpy from your SCAR?

Fortnite Quiz: Where Are You Landing In Our Quiz? Cover

Battle Royale has only become one of the most popular things… ever. The influx of intense, free-for-all marathons, pitting small numbers against everyone has proven to be quite the success story. Games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and DayZ began an insane craze like no other. However, one game proved to be the cream of the crop – Fortnite. A game leaving people insatiable for its “one more game” quality, and one that really has changed video games forever. Today, we test your resolve with our Fortnite Quiz, has it changed YOU forever? Will this quiz change you FOREVER? Let’s find out.

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