Final Fantasy VII Remake Quiz: How Well Do You Know Midgar?

The long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake has offered a magical journey for gamers, but did you take in every minute? Find out with our quiz! Gamers familiar with the original PS1 release, and newcomers to its politically charged world of magic, motives and pure evil, can participate.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Quiz: How Well Do You Know Midgar? Cover

23 years on, and the early release of the hugely anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake has lived up to the hype. It’s a relief for us all. Regardless of its new direction for the story, combat etc – this is one hell of a game. So you’re going to take one hell of a Final Fantasy VII Remake Quiz!

Over the course of the game’s 40-60 hour experience, many things happen. You come across a lot of characters, both old and new; you tango with a few bad hombres, both old and new; and you also come across a lot of information, both old and new. All these factors are going to determine how well you do with this quiz. Hopefully your keen eye will make you the master of materia, or maybe you’ll be reduced to nothing more than dirt on the bottom of Sephiroth’s shoe.

Take our Final Fantasy VII Remake quiz and find out.


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