Fatal Frame Franchise Quiz: Testing Spirit

With Maiden of Black Water's current-generation release next week, see how much you know about the Fatal Frame franchise with this quiz! Spanning nearly twenty years with a unique premise, this somewhat niche series has no shortage of terrifying moments.

Fatal Frame Franchise Quiz: Testing Spirit Cover

Right upon the release of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, this quiz will determine how much you know about the PlayStation classic.

First released in December of 2001, the Fatal Frame franchise debuted to a lot of fanfare within the gaming community. Spanning multiple sequels and different settings, it’s renowned for being one of the most influential horror franchises in gaming. It features a unique premise of fighting spirits using a camera called the Camera Obscura, as well as other technological devices. Also noteworthy for its heavy use of female protagonists in each game, one cannot speak of horror game history—if not gaming history in general—without naming this franchise.

The series’ latest game, Maiden of Black Water, originally released for the Wii U in September of 2014. Earlier this year, it was announced during a Nintendo Direct stream that the game would be re-released on Nintendo Switch, as well as other modern consoles. As such, players will get a chance to re-familiarize themselves with the franchise once again, on consoles that didn’t financially flop.

One can try it out on October 27th for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, and Xbox One / Series X|S.

FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water - Announcement Trailer

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