Death Stranding Quiz: Can You Make Kojima Proud?

Think you know Death Stranding? Test your knowledge with this quiz! With the Director's Cut right around the corner, now is a great time to see how much you remember from the game. Being a Kojima game, there can be some very confusing moments from the lore.

Death Stranding Quiz Can You Make Kojima Proud cover

Announced at the Summer Games Fest earlier this year, Kojima’s next big big hurrah, Death Stranding, is being ported to PS5 as the ‘Director’s Cut’. This port will bring with it not only enhanced visuals and load times fit for the PS5, but a bunch of other gameplay and story goodies. See how well you know Death Stranding prior to the Director’s Cut release with this quiz.

New equipment will be available to Sam that will make some deliveries a bit easier, such as a cargo launcher and stabilisers that reduce fall damage. Additionally, some new weapons and mechanics will be added, particularly in the combat. New, more action packed missions are being added that put these new mechanics and weapons to good use to complete them. There will also be new side challenges to complete, such as a mission based shooting range, and a racing track. The shooting range seems to have some similarities to the VR missions of Kojima’s previous series, Metal Gear Solid. Boss battles can now be replayed, along with scores to compare to other players.

There’s some great new things here, and it sounds like a brilliant time to get back into the game. So then, how well do you know the game itself? Death Stranding Director’s Cut releases on the 24th of September, 2021.

Death Stranding Director's Cut - Final Trailer | PS5

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