Assassin’s Creed Quiz: Are You An Ace Assassin, Or Just A Desmond?

Our Assassin's Creed quiz aims to kill, thrill, and spill...your tears as you forget that one, crucial detail required to stealthily take-on our Assassin's Creed Quiz. Spanning 2 millennia, Assassin's Creed has covered a lot of ground, can you uncover its deepest mysteries and master the blade?

Assassin's Creed Quiz: Are You An Ace Assassin, Or Just A Desmond? Cover

Another legendary franchise. Another legendary quiz brimming with questions and possibilities. Assassin’s Creed has become one of the quintessential names, in the gaming industry, in the last 10+ years. From Altair, to Ezio, to a whole range of other fabled assassin’s, the series has consistently churned out memorable characters, accurately-detailed settings, and lore that would make any historian blush. It makes an Assassin’s Creed Quiz easier to create at least! With Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla on the horizon, we recently looked at Norse Mythologies we’d like to see in it, and it got us wondering, ‘should we see what people have learned so far?’.

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