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Prodigy Tactics 20 Steam Keys Giveaway

Enter the arena with a team of heroes. Fight hand in hand with Guardians and vanquish your opponents in this tactical, turn-based game - featuring a range of characters with unique abilities on a mission to restore the peace in a fantastic world of Thasys.

Prodigy Tactics 20 Steam Keys Giveaway

The world of thasys is dying. Your key to salvation is below!

Prodigy Tactics is a tactical turn-based game set in a fantastic world of Thasys, torn in a never-ending war. Create a team of heroes, the last hope for the dying world, and lead them to the victory fighting hand in hand with powerful Guardians. Every character is equipped with a unique set of abilities to aid allies in the battle or to vanquish their foes.

The game can be bought on Steam for $16.99, but we give away 20 Prodigy Tactics keys for free! 

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Prodigy Tactics 20 Steam Keys Giveaway


  • Tactical, Turn-based Gameplay
  • Range of unique playable characters to form a team with
  • Beautifully designed, diverse arenas
  • 2 solo modes: training and bastion
  • Online multiplayer against a random opponent or a friend

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