Planet Nomads Giveaway

Win a sci-fi sandbox game where you construct your own planetary fate. We have 10 keys for you worth $300 altogether! Building? Check! Exploration? Check! Survival? Check! Surviving on an inhabited planet is no easy task, but with careful planning, caution, and a healthy amount of curiosity, you can do it!

Planet Nomads Giveaway

Planet Nomads delivers a unique gaming Experience, and You can win 1 out of 10 keys of this brand new game!

Become a scientist-astronaut determined to beat the odds and build great things in Planet Nomads. The particle-manipulating multitool and enviro-protec suit are your best friends on this journey. You can also read Hrvoje's preview on our website.

Planet Nomads is a sci-fi sandbox game of survival on alien planets through lego-style building. You are a lone astronaut scientist crash-landing on a strangely captivating planet where no human has set foot before. Keeping your wit together and securing your basic survival needs that include food, water, and building material is your best start towards figuring out how to get out of this messy situation.

Having been successfully Kickstartered, Planet Nomads is now an Early Access title on Steam and is being constantly improved by the developers. You can buy the game to support its developers in case you don't win. Just visit our KeenShop and if you use voucher "I like Nomads" in the shopping cart, you will get another 5% discount! 

Planet Nomads Official Announcement Trailer

Planet Nomads Giveaway


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    The keys have been sent to the winners. Check the mail you specified in the giveaway

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