WWE World Heavyweight Predictions

Here are some predictions as to who might win the newly announced WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As well as a potential surprise comeback in the near future. The landscape of the WWE is sure to heat up after this blockbuster announcement by Triple H.

WWE World Heavyweight Predictions

The WWE has gotten its change this week in the form of the announcement of a newly created WWE World Heavyweight title by Triple H. The WWE Universe just got bigger with this blockbuster addition to the championship tally. Here are my predictions as to who might win this championship first, as well as a surprise comeback that might happen at WWE Backlash

Potential Inaugural Champions

As the new world championship will eventually find a new owner, here are a few that might obtain the prize. 

Austin Theory 

While standing in the middle of the ring at Raw when the new title was being displayed near the side of the ring on a podium…Austin Theory was looking at the new championship, and also talking about how much he wanted it. This could lead to Austin Theory losing the United States Championship at WWE Backlash. Austin Theory is young and hungry to make a name for himself. This could very well be the ticket to achieve just that.

Austin Theory in ring with Bobby Lashley

Austin Theory in the ring with Bobby Lashley

Seth “Freakin'” Rollins

The man of the people was not just standing inside the ring, but also near the podium itself when he had visions of winning the championship to become the inaugural champion of said title. He has been floating around the mid-card scene as of late, and maybe this might be the shot in the arm that he needs to regain some traction. That is…if he can get by the mighty Omos at WWE Backlash first. 

Seth Rollins standing near the podium holding the new world title

Seth Rollins standing near the podium that holds the new world title


Speaking of Omos, this is my long-shot selection for the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Just like the Great Khali before him, Omos could become another large giant to obtain a world title. The guy could really use it at this point because he has been on the short end of things as of late. Losing both his high-profile matches to his opponents, this could get him back on the map. Again, this is just a long-shot pick. Just to keep things interesting. 

Omos staring down Seth Rollins

Omos staring down Seth Rollins

Possible Surprise Comeback – Becky Lynch at Backlash

With the sneak attack on her tag team partner, Lita, and the cheap shot that she suffered at the hands of Trish Stratus…Becky Lynch could find herself making a return to the WWE in the form of showing up at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico. It won’t be about titles…as it will be a tale of two competitors wanting to show that they have what it takes to call themselves the best. 

“The Man” Becky Lynch

Likely Title Change – Usos Winning Tag Titles on Smackdown

This Friday on Smackdown could show the world just what to expect regarding The Bloodline moving forward. Are they on the same page? Will they be on the same page even if the Usos don’t win back the tag team titles? With that being said, we could see them gaining back their tag team titles on Friday Night Smackdown. Cause if they don’t…The tribal chief is not going to be in a happy mood afterward. 

The Usos hope to recapture gold

The Usos hope to recapture gold

There you have it, some possible people that could win the newly announced WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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