World Cosplay Summit 2016 crowns Indonesia in first place

The competition that amassed costumed representatives from 30 countries around the world crowned Indonesia as Grand Champions on Saturday, with Denmark and France taking second and third place respectively.

Indonesia's Ryan Cyd and Frea Maias - winners of the 2016 World Cosplay Summit
The World Cosplay Summit 2016 in Nagoya, Japan, awarded Indonesia's Ryan Cyd and Frea Maias Grand Champions this past weekend. Based on characters from Trinity Blood, both costumes employed some technically innovative feats, with Cyd at one point flying across the stage.

Each took about four months to make. A video of the couple's performance can be seen below:

Second and third place went to Denmark and France, respectively. A total of 30 countries participated in the competition this year, with judging based not only on costume, but on art direction and overall performance as well.

World Cosplay Summit picture in front of the venue
The World Cosplay summit also features a parade in Osu, Nagoya, otherwise known as the province's shopping district. Manga, anime, computer, and vintage fashion stores are all amassed in one area which many fans from around the world refer to their Cosplay Holy Land.

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