What is better to buy, Windows 8 or 10?

Unless you are using some distributives of Linux or Unix, you are very likely to be a Windows user. This is especially true for gamers as many beloved games simply don't run well on other platforms. Sure there are guys like Feral Interactive that have been bringing Windows games to Mac and Linux for a long time, and you can use WINE to trick Windows games. However, not all games are ported, and while being a good solution WINE is perfect.

What is better to buy, Windows 8 or 10?

What does that mean? That means you will most likely end up choosing Windows as your operating system. But which one? Should it be Windows 8 or 10? Which one is better? As always, this question is personal. Surely, each version has its own set of features, and one can compare them and come up with a rather objective statement about which one is better.

As for me, the upgrade to Win 10 from Win 8 happened unintentionally and unexpectedly. No! It didn't upgrade itself for free while I was sleeping! I upgraded my graphics card, and while I researched whether it will be compatible with my motherboard, power supply and all other important matters, I somehow missed that there's no driver support for Win 8. Naturally, I transitioned to Windows 10. Since I wasn't actually planning to do so, there wasn't much info in my head about Win 10. Of course, I heard some scary stories about it, such as shady info collection, problems with running games, and other stuff.

I wasn't a part of the Start button drama and liked new UI features. As for the rest of new stuff, it is weird. I mean all new features are fine, but I basically use Windows 10 as Windows 8. I don't use Universal Apps, Continuum, Cortana, Virtual desktop and so on. You can read about the main differences at Techadvisor. And if you already made up your mind and want to buy Windows 10/8/7 key, check GamesDeal.

In the end, the choice is very personal. Even though each new installment is supposedly better, offers a lot of new features, and better performance, it is up to you to decide. If not my new graphics card, I would be writing this article using Win 8 and I don't think I would be missing anything.

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  1. The fact that its the future OS (or current, whatever), and there was that free period to upgrade, made my decision very easy.



    Patches and things like that will come. And there is always VM, so I wasn’t worried about using a suboptimal Windows 10 for personal use. Now, for work use, that’s a different matter.


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