Two new visual novels coming soon to the west

This World Unknown and Connie Amarance will be releasing soon courtesy of publisher Sekai Project and online PC platform Steam.

Two new visual novels coming soon to the west
Publisher Sekai Project announced that they will be releasing two new visual novels, This World Unknown and Connie Amarance, at their AnimeFest panel on Sunday. The former is currently on Steam Greenlight whereas the latter will release on the platform in early 2017.

Trailers for each game are featured below:

This World Unknown, developed by Western visual novel creator Ebi-Hime, takes place in a country constantly at war with its neighbors, with the lead protagonist rushing to find a cure for an injured childhood friend throughout the scope of the game. Korean developer April Arts's Connie Amarance, on the other hand, strikes a more introspective approach to its storytelling, exposing the truths hidden within a young woman's labyrinth of emotions.

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