Top Ten Boss Fights In Super Mario Sunshine

Here are the top ten boss fights in Super Mario Sunshine. A video game that was released on the Gamecube home console system in 2002. A very good addition to the Super Mario family, with enriched storytelling, superb graphics, and a whole lotta bosses to keep Mario busy for days!

Top-Ten-Boss-Fights- In-Super- Mario- Sunshine

Once and a while, I will contemplate a game that came out in 2002 and ask myself a question that keeps nagging away at me. And that is, “Why do some consider Super Mario Sunshine the black sheep of the main Super Mario series of games?” To me, it has everything you are looking for in a Mario game. A super soaker-like weapon. Some of the animation and graphics are still unmatched to this day. But, most importantly, some fascinating and intense battle fights from the saga. And that brings me to this list right here right now. This is my list of the top ten boss fights from the Super Mario Sunshine video game released for the Gamecube home console system. 

Phanta Manta

This is by far the most intimidating Super Mario Sunshine boss. When I played this game, I had to do a double take on the size and creepiness this silhouetted figure was unleashing onto my mind. This manta ray was huge. And the cut scene of the creature coming up to the shoreline of Sirena Beach was too much to understand at first. Truly an instant classic moment from the game. The Phanta Manta, once sprayed with water, divides itself into smaller Phanta Mantas. These creatures can also release goop that, when touched, shocks Mario and all that make contact with it. Defeating Phanta Manta unlocks Hotel Delfino. Hands down, number one for me. 

Phanta Manta approaching to the shoreline

Phanta Manta approaching the shoreline

Gooper Blooper

In what I thought was a pretty gruesome and violent battle in a Mario game, the Gooper Blooper is a large white octopus with black sludge on his face. The part where the game becomes a bit morbid and twisted is when Mario has to yank on the Gooper Blooper’s tentacles one by one, pulling them off in the process. For a more notable effect, once the tentacles are pulled off, they start to flop and squirm around on the floor until vanishing. Once the tentacles are plucked from the octopus’s body, and you have removed the black sludge from its face, Mario must pull on its nose, which has a cork, until it flies in the air and lands in the water…defeating it. Gooper Blooper leaps into second on the list. 

Gooper Blooper ready for battle

Gooper Blooper ready for battle

Mecha Bowser

Time for some carnival machinery mayhem fun! Mecha Bowser is a boss fight that happens in Pinna Park. Mario enjoys the ride of his life, as he has to fire missiles at the extremely large robot replica of Bowser while inside of a moving cart attached to a rail. Make your shots count to hit the Mecha Bowser and win the battle. This is where the fearless, small Bowser Jr. makes his debut after the bout. 

Mecha Bowser standing tall

Mecha Bowser standing tall


I guess even bad guys need to get away and unwind. What appears to be a final boss fight in Super Mario Sunshine that involves Mario versus Bowser. At the same time, he bathes in a hot tub with Bowser Jr. and Princess Peach, trying to relax; he is prepared to battle Mario for the intrusion. I still remember the final level of this game before getting to the Bowser fight at Corona Mountain. In order for the player to defeat Bowser, they must ground pound five spots attached to the hot tub. 

Bowser annoyed by Mario's presence

Bowser annoyed by Mario’s presence

Petey Piranha

A very large, Piranha Plant known as Petey…this rascal is in a very adorable cut-scene in the game. Before battling Mario, he is on top of a windmill. All at once, he looks around in shock and says, “Wait? How did I get up here?” And then…breaks the windmill’s roof to fall inside it along with Mario. During the fight with Mario, he spits up brown sludge. This sludge creates minions on his behalf. Mario must spray water inside Petey Piranha’s mouth until his belly gets nice and full. Once this occurs, Petey will fall on his back, and his belly button will get large in size. Mario needs to do a ground pound to inflict some damage on him. 

Petey Piranha chilling on the rooftop

Petey Piranha chilling on the rooftop

Shadow Mario

Just like in Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Mario has to deal with an evil doppelganger version of himself. This pesky guy appears to be made of water. He is equipped with a very long paintbrush, which allows him to create portals to different areas within the island. Mario must fight his evil self basically by chasing him down like a cop chasing down a mugger and spray him with water to temporarily stop him until they met again throughout Super Mario Sunshine

Shadow Mario opening up a portal

Shadow Mario opening up a portal


In Super Mario Sunshine, Mario must face off against a very large and very irate Wiggler. This Wiggler is like a runaway locomotive…as it doesn’t stop running around. Mario has to use his water gun on nearby plants to cause the earth to come up and thus tip the Wiggler over. Hit the underbelly of the crazed Wiggler three times with a ground pound to take care of it. 

A Wiggler moving around angrily

A Wiggler moving around angrily

King Boo

So, if you like casino rolled up in boss fights, this is the battle for you. Mario is placed on some sort of roulette wheel. He faces off against a big boo, known as King Boo, who is floating in the center of the wheel next to a slot machine. Local residents know King Boo to have a very long tongue and a crown on his head. Try to feed him some spicy red peppers and see what happens. 

The man, the myth, the legend...Mr. King Boo!

The man, the myth, the legend…Mr. King Boo!


So, the nightmares somewhat come back from Super Mario 64. In this game, you will come face-to-face with Eely-Mouth. This eel is a lot different in appearance than the one you encounter in Super Mario 64, but let’s not kid ourselves…I think we know that it relates to the eel concept from Mario 64 days. First, you must clean his nasty teeth by spraying off gunk from his teeth. Once all teeth are immaculate with your water gun sidekick, a gold tooth will fly out of Eely-Mouth.

The pathway to Eely-Mouth's lair

The pathway to Eely-Mouth’s lair

Polluted Piranha

This little guy is the first boss to say hello to Mario in the game. He is equipped with colorful goop and a whole lot of sass. Mario must defeat him on the runway, where his plane lands on the island. Just a little bit of water to the body by your trusty F.L.U.D.D., and it’s bye-bye, Polluted Piranha. The Polluted Piranha is a recurring enemy throughout the game. Most of the time, when Mario defeats a Polluted Piranha, a hidden area is unlocked. 

Polluted Piranha picks a bout with Mario as they first step foot onto the island

Polluted Piranha picks a bout with Mario as they first step foot onto the island

This has been my top ten boss fights from Super Mario Sunshine. And remember, if you ever need to vacation to get away from it all, try Isle Delfino and play some Super Mario Sunshine


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