Top 5 Disney Games for the NES

Here are 5 of the best Disney video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)! One of the consoles that saw the first wave of Disney video games throughout the world. With great concepts, these games were at the top of their game (no pun intended) back in the day.

Top 5 Disney Games for the NES

Back in the day, when sometimes we had to blow our cartridges to get them to work, we had a little console called the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES.) And these were the times that a company known as Disney was getting their feet wet in the world of video game making. Even though they were a juggernaut in producing classic animation tales, none of us was aware of the mark they would make when it came to the video gaming industry. Today, we look at this first wave of video games by Disney, and see which ones I thought were good enough to make the list of the top five for the NES. Here are the Top 5 Disney Games for the NES.

Mickey Mousecapade

Mickey Mousecapade was a very awesome video game. Everything was just fun throughout the entire game. You encounter amazing levels, and the overall adventure is absolutely wonderous. It feels like you take a vacation while playing Mickey Mousecapade. The most fun part of the game was trying to find hidden spots inside the levels, by shooting stars in secret areas. Once you find a secret spot…your star will make a funny noise and disappear in that spot. Absolutely a blast to discover them. Also, this game has one of the most fantastic boss themes in video gaming history. Congrats to Mickey Mousecapade on making my personal top five best Disney video games for the NES. 

Number one on my personal list...Mickey Mousecapade

Number one on my personal list…Mickey Mousecapade


I think we all remember the moon theme in this game and how epic it is. Released in 1989 by Capcom, DuckTales was ahead of its time, with all of the gameplay and nuances featured within the game. Using Uncle Scrooge’s cane like a pogo stick never got old. Not one bit. The boss fights were also fun because it was just enough to challenge me not to be overbearing at being extremely hard to accomplish. The level selection of Scrooge working a machine to pick which location he wanted to travel to was cute. This game was definitely a close first on the list, but it takes the number two position.

Number two spot goes to DuckTales

Number two spot goes to DuckTales

The Little Mermaid

The underwater adventure of The Little Mermaid was a surprise at how great it was, to say the least. Trying to discover hidden seashells at the ocean floor’s bottom using your tail like a broom was incredibly addictive. Collecting orbs that would increase the range and power of your bubble attack was also a blast. It was always a rush when you would capture an enemy inside a bubble. They looked like a little trapped prisoner inside of them. The boss fights were constructed really well. Also, the soundtrack was enjoyable to listen to throughout the gameplay. The Little Mermaid is number three on the list.  

Number three belongs to The Little Mermaid

Number three belongs to The Little Mermaid

Chip ‘N Dale

What made Chip ‘N Dale such a great video game is that you were two little guys in a big world, trying to beat bad guys ten times your size. Heart and resilience are what drew us to the two beloved main characters. Grabbing a crate and hiding inside it was adorable. Also, holding an apple and watching Chip sweating to lift it above his head was priceless. Showing great strength in the little guy. The music in this game was amazing. The first two level’s themes were lit. Don’t get me wrong, the entire soundtrack to the game was incredible, however. Zipper being the character that, once unleashed, can destroy any enemy on the screen was a clever touch. Chip ‘N Dale enters the list at number four.  

Chip 'N Dale comes in at number four

Chip ‘N Dale comes in at number four

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

The final selection on this list is Adventures in the Magic Kingdom. This game had the perfect blend of trivia meets adventure. Poor goofy losses the keys, and it is up to Mickey Mouse’s newest friend, you, to retrieve them so that Mickey can start his parade on time. The game is a nice layout that includes Disney’s theme parks. It also contains many gameplay styles, including a side-scroller and a bird’s eye view of a racing level. If you are interested in the lore of the Magic Kingdom, then this is a decent game. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is at five on the list.

The final spot goes to Adventures Of Magic Kingdom on the Top 5 Disney Games for the NES list.

The final spot goes to Adventures Of Magic Kingdom on the Top 5 Disney Games for the NES list.

There you have it, my top five list when it comes to the Top 5 Disney Games for the NES.

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