Top 10 Indie Games to Check Out This August

Here are the top 10 indie games you'll want to check out this August. This list ranges from solo-developed horror to long-awaited cozy adventure games, players will be able to discover a multitude of worlds to explore from upcoming developers. We'll be covering games that have been or are currently releasing August 2023, as well as a few games that may have slipped under your radar this past month.

Top 10 Indie Games to Check Out This AugustOver the years we’ve had some great indie games release that have become just as popular as AAA games. These independent studios and creators have given inspiration to many gamers, setting a spark for a new generation of indie developers. While we weren’t able to cover all indie games such as My Friendly Neighborhood or Stray Gods, we’ve compiled a list of up and coming games you should give a try. This list will be shedding light on, perhaps, some of the lesser known indie games that you may have missed. 


We’ll start off this list with a highly-anticipated indie game, BOKURA. This game is a 2D pixelated co-op that follows the adventure of two boys who run away from home. BOKURA is developed by ところにょり (@tokoronyori), who also released the hit-game, Lonely Planet, in 2016. The game had an early release back in February 2023; However, the official launch on Steam released August 9th for $5.49. It was also announced to be released on Nintendo Switch and for Mobile, IOS and Android.

Are you and I really seeing the world the same way?
An exclusively two-player puzzle adventure game that makes you question your reality.

– BOKURA, Steam Description

One of the most unique features in this game is that the two players will experience two completely different universes during their gameplay. While one player sees a world depicted with wood-land creatures, the other experiences a world of machinery and robots. What you may see in your world may not translate over to your partner’s screen. Players will have to communicate as they navigate through their parallel universes. Follow along in this puzzle platformer as you and your partner face endless possibilities throughout your journey.

BOKURA - Launch Trailer

Astronaut: The Best

Next on our list was quite the find; from Universal Happymaker,  Astronaut: The Best is a management simulation that focuses on strategy, where your choices will affect the course of your gameplay. You are an FRSA (Flaustrian Royal Space Academy) Director who is in-charge of training a team of astronauts and guiding them through missions. While you prepare your crew to become national heroes on television, your life is at stake because if they fail, the consequence may or may not involve execution. The game becomes available for PC on August 15th but if you’re interested in testing the mechanics a little sooner, they currently have a demo available on Steam. 

Astronaut: The Best is an occult management adventure where people aren’t just numbers: they’re incompetent screwups.

– Astronaut: The Best, Steam Description

While your choices do matter, there is no right or wrong answer. You will also have to appease to the council of high priests and it is up to you to decide which ones you will appeal to. Engage in a messy game of politics, team-building, and management as you try to convince the world that your team of losers are, in fact, the nation’s next heroes.

Astronaut: The Best - Launch Announcement Trailer

En Garde!

Lunge! Parry! Riposte! Brush up on your fencing skills in this new indie release En Garde! Fireplace Games debuts with their launch of En Garde!; A swordplay action game where you play as the daring Adalia De Volador.  You’ll follow a cinematic storyline as you explore this immersive world, paired with complete voice-acting. As you best your opponents in combat, duel your way towards the tyrannical count-Duke in order to save the town. You can purchase En Garde! for PC on August 16th. But if you’re itching to try it out earlier, the demo is currently available on Steam.

Top 10 Indie Games To Check Out This August

Fighting in Style, En Garde! Gameplay

The game displays amazing physics as you dodge and attack your enemies and use the environment around you to your advantage. The challenges never end as you meet flamboyant and robust characters along your mission. Be ready to embark on this thrilling adventure filled with comedy, suspense, and of course, flashy victories. 

En Garde! - Reveal Trailer

Whisker Squadron: Survivor

Up next, If you’re a fan of Starfox then you’ll certainly enjoy this game. Flippfly LLC, creators of Race The Sun, is releasing a roguelite shooter game called Whisker Squadron: Survivor. Players will become apart of a feline crew and take part in the battle against The Swarm. You will be able to modify your ship and upgrade your weapons as you fight off your enemies and complete the levels. Whisker Squadron: Survivor releases on Steam August 21st but if you’re looking to test pilot your ship now, check out the demo they currently have available.

Top 10 Indie Games To Check Out This August

Shoot ‘Em Up Style Gameplay In Whisker Squadron: Survivor

The mechanics of Whisker Squadron: Survivor are similar to a 3D bullet hell game with intricate detailing in the levels and VFX. It is said that this game is the first of two games set in the Whisker Squadron Universe, the 2nd game is set to release in 2024. Whisker Squadron: Survivor will also have a downloadable soundtrack after it’s release, composed by the award-winning, Chel Wong.

Whisker Squadron: Survivor Launch Trailer

Chicken Journey

Chicken Journey was featured in Wholesome Direct, an indie game showcase, in 2022. Developed by Loonyware, Chicken Journey is another 2D pixelated platformer game releasing this August. Players can solve puzzles and interact with friendly townsfolk as they peck and glide their way through levels. If you like cozy adventure games, this is a game you should definitely check out. Chicken Journey releases on Steam and Epic Games on August 22nd. The game will also be available for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the Fall.

Chicken Journey Release Date Trailer


From the creator of One Night Stand, Kinmoku brings to you another visual novel, Videoverse. This is an indie narrative adventure where you play as Emmet, a young video game fan and aspiring artist. You will explore Videoverse, an online social network, and interact with gaming communities while strengthening Emmet’s relationships. Videoverse released on August 7th for PC, Mac, and Linux, and is available for $12.99 on Steam.

Top 10 Indie Games To Check Out This August

Nostalgic gameplay from Videoverse

Remember the days of socializing online through MSN Messenger or DS Pictochats? Reminisce in nostalgia as you help Emmet connect with people within his online communities, forming deeper relationships, through the retro-like console. You’ll face story-altering choices as you traverse through the troubles of teen drama, corporate conspiracies, and fandom discourse. Videoverse is a throwback to online gaming culture and an ode to its childhood life.

VIDEOVERSE – Release Date Announcement Trailer

Flutter Away

Another debuting indie studio, Runaway play, launched their game Flutter Away this August. Flutter Away is another cozy adventure game that allows you to explore and bask in the wonders of nature. Take a break from adrenaline and enjoy the serenity of the amazon rainforest as you befriend a capybara, take photos, and make discoveries during your camping trip. Flutter Away launched on Steam and for Nintendo Switch on August 3rd and is available for $12.99. 

Flutter Away - Official Launch Trailer

The Friends We Left Behind

You can’t make a list of indie games without including at least one mascot horror. The Friends We Left Behind is a solo-developed horror game produced by Grant Marrs. You enter the game as a private investigator researching an abandoned children’s asylum. As you navigate your way through the building, you find yourself realizing that the place may not be so abandoned after all. The game consists of 5 levels as well as 5 different difficulties to choose from. It is available on Steam for $9.99 and launched on August 1st.

Top 10 Indie Games To Check Out This August

Gameplay screenshot from The Friends We Left Behind

Despite being developed by a single person, the game consists of cinematic cut scenes to allow for an alluring gameplay. While the mechanics are quite similar to most mascot horrors, one of the most captivating details were the character designs. These characters are imaginary friends of the children who inhabited the asylum, somehow being brought to life and haunting the abandoned facility.

The Friends We Left Behind | Official Game Trailer


If you’ve been looking for a story-rich game with riveting artwork, look no further. Visai Games launched their first indie game, Venba. Venba is narrative cooking game that follows the life of an Indian mother who migrates to Canada. Immerse yourself in South Asian culture as you unlock a story full of love, loss, and so much more. Venba released on Steam, Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch on July 31st for $14.99. The game also has a soundtrack available for purchase featuring songs inspired by Tamil Music.

Venba - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Nightmare Zapping

To end this list on a high note, I wanted to shed light on this hidden gem of an indie game. Developed by Maldo19, Nightmare Zapping is an innovative pixel horror. Start the game off surfing channels on your TV as you slowly begin to realize you are watching missing people from a cursed town and how their stories are connected. Nightmare Zapping released on Steam July 17th and is available for $4.99.

Top 10 Indie Games To Check Out This August

Opening channel to Nightmare Zapping

Nightmare Zapping will have choices that may or may not predict the outcome of your story. Discover mini games and Easter eggs that’ll help you unlock more secrets within your playthrough. Nightmare Zapping is an in-genius addition to the indie game catalogue and has high potential to become an upcoming game. This is a game I personally recommend to try out if you’re looking for the next big horror. 

Nightmare Zapping Trailer

Be sure to check these out and share your thoughts on some of these games. Don’t forget to let me know if I missed any indie games on your list!

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