Top 10 Games for the Nintendo GameCube

Here are the top ten video games for the Nintendo GameCube. On this list, we dive into the games that put the Nintendo GameCube from the start of the new millennium into orbit. These titles are still a blast to play, as they were when they first came out.

Top 10 Games for the Nintendo GameCube

It’s time to take a trip to the early 2000s when a harmless-looking little blue cube-shaped video game console came out and gave us memorable video game titles that we still talk about to this day. Here are my top ten picks for video games that were released for the Nintendo GameCube system.

Phantasy Star Online, Episode I & II Plus

Not just the best video game to be released for the GameCube, but one of the best video games to ever be released for any system, at any time, for any moment in human history. The player can easily find themselves spending hours playing this game matching wits with foes in the game. This is also a top-notch game in terms of playing with friends, instead of going at it solo. Phantasy Star Online, Episode I & II Plus features breathtaking graphics and amazing levels filled with items to explore. The boss battles in this game are next level. 

Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (GameCube) - E3 2001 Trailer (DVD Rip) 4K60 Upscale

Credit: GoldMetalSonic

Metroid Prime

This game is the one that catapulted Metroid into the next bracket it needed to go in terms of stepping out of the 2D arena that made her a household name, and into the 3D world. A magnificent game, Metroid Prime offered the player outstanding worlds, incredible power-ups, and amazing obstacles to overcome. The boss fights in this game are incredible. They just recently released a remastered version of Metroid Prime for the Switch, which just tells you how important it is in the lexicon of gaming lore.

Metroid Prime Remastered - Reveal Trailer | Nintendo Direct 2023

Credit: IGN

Super Smash Bros Melee

Considered to be one of the greatest games of all time, Super Smash Bros Melee was a brilliantly executed fighting game. The game contained iconic characters from the Nintendo franchise and was eye-appealing in the overall details. Fighting with friends, or the computer, players could easily get into the simplistic controls of the game. 

Super Smash Bros: Melee Trailer

Credit: mywiiuchannel

Super Mario Sunshine

This game was in all of the grocery stores in their free-to-play displays on its initial release. Super Mario Sunshine continued the journey for Mario after the 3D debut of Super Mario 64. Coming out in 2002, this game offered Mario his first taste of what a permanent weapon was all about. The graphics in this game can still be felt in games in the series that came after it.

Super Mario Sunshine Trailer (June)

Credit: smsbeta

Pac-Man World 2

An extremely underrated video game for the GameCube, Pac-Man World 2 was just pure fun. No apologies are needed for this yellow round guy, as he sets off on an adventure that he hasn’t seen since the original Pac-Man. Besides being a classic in terms of gameplay, Pac-Man World 2 has a very well-done soundtrack throughout the course of the game. It also has humorous cutscenes. I dare you to play this game, and not want to finish it. 

Pacman World 2 trailer

Credit: rcfrogman

Animal Crossing

One of the most adorablest games one could ever obtain, Animal Crossing makes it onto the list. This game brought the concept of special events happening at a particular time throughout the day. The player makes their own rules as to what they want to do within the confines of Animal Crossing. The freedom along with the cute imagery makes this game a perfect fit for anyone in the family. 

Animal Crossing (Gamecube) Live Action Commercials

Credit: Hidden Gems

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

A gamble in the series that paid off, by using the cel-shaded art style in the game. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was certainly different from other Zelda games. The overall graphics, plot, and activities to do in the game served up a fun and exciting adventure as you played as Link

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Trailer

Credit: mywiiuchannel

The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Not just a racing game, The Simpsons: Hit & Run combines driving around in automobiles and going on foot to locate new quests and complete them. The game has a Grand Theft Auto vibe to it, and the gameplay in The Simpsons: Hit & Run is superb. The game is absolutely incredible in delivering great voice-acting from the characters. 

The Simpsons Hit and Run Trailer

Credit: gascap3

Hunter: The Reckoning

There is something oddly satisfying about taking out hordes and hordes of zombies and vampires for the sake of humanity. In Hunter: The Reckoning you can join forces with three other players, or go solo in this hack-and-slash video game. Each character has a special weapon and spells to use against the evil that surrounds them. The game has an eerier vibe to it, and you don’t know what is waiting around the corner. The boss fights are very intense. 

Hunter: The Reckoning Gamecube Trailer

Credit: mywiiuchannel

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Time to play something laid-back and highly addictive. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is about a Tasmanian Tiger named Ty, wondering the worlds within Rainbow Cliffs. Ty is equipped with a mean bite and a pair of boomerangs that can be upgraded throughout the game. In the game, the player will have to run through obstacles to obtain Thunder Eggs and charge up the teleportation device in the game. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is filled with spectacular graphics and great background music. 

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Tv Commercial Trailer 2002

Credit: DingoCrash

There you have it, my top ten list of the best games to be released on the GameCube console system.

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