The General Nintendo Quiz: Sorry, But Your Answers Are In Another Quiz

Everyone's favourite family, home entertainment system company. Nintendo's lineage stretches as far back as 1889, but it was only 1983 when their first console was released. Since then, many games and consoles have been released, and it's our job to test you on this. Yahoo!

The General Nintendo Quiz: Sorry But Your Answers Are In Another Quiz

It’s quite astonishing for a company to rely so heavily on the same two or three franchises to generate its success, but Nintendo have done so diligently and expertly. Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon are just some of the powerhouses that have maintained Nintendo’s status as a company to beat. But to think it’s only those few names that have reaped such prosperous rewards would be foolish; Nintendo have never rested on their laurels and have constantly managed to reinvent their popular characters, even adding new ones. This General Nintendo Quiz will attempt to cover all bases. 

With the continued success of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo are further establishing their legacy for the next generation and the one after that…and the one after that…and the one after that…and the on—The General Nintendo Quiz is underway!


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