The Devil In Me – Trophies & Achievements List

An essential The Devil In Me trophies and achievements list. Dictate the lives of a documentary crew, coerced into the ultimate house of horrors by a copycat killer obsessed with the crimes of his idol. Will they all perish, or will the team escape to tell the tale? The choices are yours to make.

The Devil In Me - trophies & achievements listCashing in on the serial killer boom, a group of documentary filmmakers find themselves the captives of a copycat killer inspired by notorious murderer H.H.Holmes in the latest entry in The Dark Pictures Anothology, The Devil In Me. Save yourself or get everyone out alive; experience everything to unlock that platinum trophy and gamerscore.

This game has a total of (number of achievements) and (number of trophies), including the platinum. For full completion, you’ll need to experience everything the game offers, including keeping all your team alive. One thing is for sure, you’ll know this house of horrors inside and out, both that platinum pings.

Here’s our The Devil In Me trophy and achievement list.

The Devil In Me Trophies & Achievements List 

Meet the cast: (left to right) Mark, Kate, Charlie, Jamie and Erin.

Meet the cast: (left to right) Mark, Kate, Charlie, Jamie and Erin.

This list is broken down into PlayStation’s trophy tiers (bronze, silver, gold and platinum). The corresponding amount of Gamerscore is displayed in brackets at the end of each achievement description.

The Devil In Me – Platinum Trophy 

  • The Architech – Collected all Trophies

The Devil In Me – Gold Trophies

  • Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay – Complete the solo story 
  • Happy Ending – Everyone Survived 
  • Crime Scene Photographer – Found all of Mark’s photo opportunities 
  • Investigator – Found all of the Silver Framed Secrets 

The Devil In Me – Silver Trophies 

  • Unhappy Ending – No one survived 
  • Happier Ending – The dog made it off the island alive
  • Phoenix – Charlie survived the furnace
  • Shattering Expectations – Kate and Jamie both escaped the glass trap 
  • 0451 – Jamie resets the fuse box
  • Sparks – Jamie and Erin kissed
  • Can You Pet The Dog – Yes, you can pet the dog
  • Rekindled – Kate and Mark rekindled their relationship 
  • Exstingusted – Jamie chose to sacrifice herself in the glass trap
  • Ignited – Jamie chose to save Erin in the suffocation chamber 
  • Shocking – Fixed all of the fuse boxes
  • Say Cheese! – Took a photo of each crew member 
  • Man of Many Interests – Found all of Du‘Met’s business cards
  • I Like Money – Collect 200 obols
  • Camera Shy – Found all of the Black Framed Pictures 
  • Photogenic – Found all of the White Framed Pictures
  • Collector – Found all of the Secrets

The Devil In Me – Bronze Trophies

  • Murder Castle – Completed the prologue 
  • Hark! Mark got the lighthouse working
  • Guilty – The crew didn’t trust Charlie and he paid the price
  • Award Worthy – Kate fell for Du‘Met’s proposal 
  • The Cycle Continues – Mark agreed to Du’Met’s proposal 
  • Lend Me A Hand – Charlie’s hand was crushed
  • Until Death Do Us Part 2 – Jeff and Marie watched each other die
  • Toasty – Charlie maintained control during dinner
  • Hardy – Obtained all of the inventory items
The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me - Official Trailer (Fehinti Balogun, Paul Kaye)

The Devil In Me is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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