The 20 Best Oculus Go Puzzle Games

If you have an Oculus Go or are thinking of getting one then you are in for a treat today. That is because we are looking at the 20 Best Oculus Go Puzzle Games that you can currently get. VR puzzle games are awesome and these games are going to really make your head spin!

The 20 Best Oculus Go Puzzle Games

1- World of Mazes – Episode 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)

With a fantastic story, mind bending puzzles, and very smooth gameplay. It is easy to see why World of Mazes is one of the first games that people will download when they get an Oculus Go. Do you have the detective skills to find and stop a killer? Well, you better had as that is what this game requires of you.

2- Land's End

Wow is what you will be saying over and over again as you play through Land’s End. This is an adventure game that is truly breathtaking and best of all you do not need any kind of controller to play it, just the Oculus Go itself. The idea of the game is that there is an ancient civilization and the only way that they can be awakened is by you.

3- Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This is a fantastic party game and one of the true showcases of how much fun VR can be. You are trapped in a room with a bomb and you need the help of your friends (who cannot see the bomb) to help you defuse it. Communication is the key here and let us tell you this game can get very intense, but intense in a fun way.

4- Esper

The government has come to you because of your fantastic ability to control objects with your mind. They are going to give you a series of mind bending tests that are really going to push you to your limits!

5- Slice&Dice

The idea of Slice&Dice is very simple. You are in a room that is full of cubes. There is a dice and a dice hole. It is up to you to slice and dice the cubes and interact with the environment to get the dice to fall into the hole. With a good challenge that gets progressively harder, this is one game that requires you to think outside the box.

6- Darknet

Darknet is the kind of game that the Oculus Go was made for! You are a top hacker and you need to get your hands on some very sensitive data. You will need to hack into their systems and use viruses and glitches to get the data you need and to get out before they even know you were there.

7- Omega Agent

This is a really neat game that sees you being on a large island. You have a jetpack which you can use to get high up in the clouds or zoom along at ground level. You are here to train and prove that you are the ultimate, the Omega Agent! If you want a game that is fun, but also very easy on the eyes this is it.

8- Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding

With over 20 different mazes for you to find your way out of. Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding is the ideal game if you like a bit of adventure with your puzzle solving. Each maze has its own theme ranging from caves, icy caverns, and creepy deserts!

9- Claro

Claro is one of the more interesting and unique games on this list. Each level is its own mini world and you are tasked with making sure that there is enough sun so that your tree can grow and flourish. With 38 mind bending puzzles, Claro is a game that is going to keep you busy for quite a while.

10- Spark of Light

Nerow is a fun loving little guy, but he needs you to bring light back to his beautiful dreamscape. You do this by solving all kinds of puzzles such as using fireflies to guide Nerow through the darkness. Only you can help him and find out who is the one who stole the light from the sky!

11- Esper 2

In the sequel to the very popular, Esper. Esper 2 takes things to a whole new level. With more intense and tricky puzzles to solve and a story that you will actually care about. Esper 2 is the ideal puzzle game if you want a fun and engrossing story as well as tricky puzzles to keep you busy.

12- Please, Don't Touch Anything

You are helping a buddy out who is on a bathroom break, all you have to do is not touch the button! But of course you do and now you have to look all over the room in order to fix the chaos that you have caused! Please, Don't Touch Anything is a game that is going to keep you on your toes that is for sure.

13- Rangi

You need to help the Music Giants bring music back to the world. This is easier said than done as you will need to solve puzzles, explore creepy locations, put back together ancient structures and solve devious puzzles. With great graphics, sound and a really unique African setting, this is a truly awesome game.

14- Twobit

Twobit is a really fun game that you play with nothing more than your gaze. You need to help the robot Twobit solve puzzles and get out of the room he is stuck in. One of the coolest bits about this game is how you can use Twobit Vision to see the world through his eyes.

15- Escape!VR

Influenced by the craze of escape rooms you never know what Escape!VR is going to throw your way. One mission may see you need to defuse a bomb then next one has you needing to rescue a hostage! With fun and cool missions, this is great if you want a bit of action and tension with your puzzles.

16- Pet Lab

Now this game is adorable! The idea of Pet Lab is that you need to create your own little magical creatures. You then need to train them and look after them all the while taking care of your Magic Creature Shop!

17- Now You See Me: Back to Macau

If you have seen the Now You See Me movies you know how great and crazy they are. Well in this tie in game you need to use your wits to find the magical geniuses that are the Four Horsemen. You play as a detective and you will need to really pay attention to find out where they have gone.

18- My Principal is an Alien

Your old principal has gone missing and there is talk that the new one is, in fact, an alien! Well, you cannot let an alien loose in your school so you need to use all your school smarts to get the proof you need and also put a stop to whatever he is up to.

19- Hidden Temple – VR Adventure

Hidden Temple – VR Adventure allows you to unleash your inner Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. As a treasure hunter you are willing to go where no one else dares! With a play style like an old school point and click adventure. You will need to find new items, figure out how to use them and make sure you grab the treasure before you are trapped in the temple.

20- Jigsaw Puzzle VR

Here we Jigsaw Puzzle VR have which could be the most relaxing game on this list. With over 20 different 3D puzzles, you will need to look really hard to find what piece goes where. The puzzles start off easy, but by the end, you will be amazed at how hard they are.

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