Sword Art Online Games May Come to Nintendo Switch

Sword Art Online games may finally see a release on Nintendo Switch, if comments by the franchise's producers serve as any indication. It's unclear what games specifically might make the jump, but everything remains open to possibility for now!

During a question and answer session that was broadcasted by Japanese publisher Bandai Namco in Tokyo earlier today, Sword Art Online producer Yosuke Futami and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet producer Keishi Minami mentioned that games in the franchise are being considered for the Nintendo Switch.

The latter man argued that before being a producer, he is a gamer first, and thus would like to see his title expand onto more platforms like the Switch in the future. The men are currently in talks with each other and their superiors right now, so it may be a while before fans finally see the game on the hybrid console, but there is hope.

Futami went on to mention that seeing as how Sword Art Online's target market is young, the Switch may prove to be the perfect place to release games in the franchise. He echoed Minami's remarks, however, by stating that an announcement may or may not happen in the future.

Check out each man's comments for yourself in the video below:

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