5 Video Game Superpowers You Wouldn’t Want

Here are the superpowers you wouldn't want from a video game. These would be the bottom-of-the-barrel selections if someone was to try to obtain a superpower of their own. Most people would in fact probably go without one if these were the only choices available.

Video Game Superpowers 
You Wouldn't Want

There might have been a time in your busy day that one has thought, “Boy, it would be so nice if I could fly over this traffic.” Now, we all know that we have had that same thought while we played a video game. And even sometimes, we come across an enemy where they try to attack our character in the most bizarre of ways, and we are left going, “Really…did he just try to belch at me?” Today, we look at some of these superpowers that a person wouldn’t want in the real world found in video games. 

Throw Up Goo On Demand (Blue Broodal) – Super Mario Odyssey 

Let’s face it…No amount of Tums will ever make an upset stomach pleasant. In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario will come face to face with a boss named the Blue Broodal. His superpower is the ability to throw up large amounts of goo around himself. Granted, it makes getting to him harder than before. And maybe some of your opponents will be left screaming for the hills because the volume of this pile of regurgitated slop is oddly impressive. But, nobody would go out of their way to obtain this ability because most, if not all, people are not entirely too thrilled with the action of heaving. 

Super Mario Odyssey - 30 - Wooded Kingdom (3/9) - Boss: Blue Broodal

Credit: AuraChannelerChris

Rock Arms (Tremor) – Mortal Kombat X

Being able to look at your arm one second, and then add a layer of earth minerals to it the next may sound good at first. In combat, it allows for extra defense and protection. Your foes won’t know what to do if the conflict came down to a fisticuffs situation. However, this wouldn’t be a really good superpower to have in your day-to-day life. You would crush anything that you held. A pencil when you are trying to do the crossword puzzle. The can of soda would explode all its liquid contents from inside while you watch the newest reality series on television. Not to mention the remote control to your stereo would be no more. At the end of the day, the concept of having a rock arm ability may sound great at first…but…think it through just a little bit.

Mortal Kombat X : Tremor All Intro Dialogues (MKX)

Credit: Jasonpolo

Summon Boogers At Will (Snotty Ragsdale) – Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure

One word should describe this entry and that is…yuck! I don’t think anyone of us can imagine having the superpower of being able to produce enough mucus to use it as a weapon. But that’s what Snotty Ragsdale does in the video game Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure

[Intro][SNES] Boogerman - Pick and Flick Adventure

Credit: kad3t

Bubble Throw (Bubble Man) – Mega Man 2

One of the bosses in the classic video game series, Mega Man, had this ability, and nobody knows why. Did he draw the shortest straw? The concept of being able to summon a softball-sized bubble, and pushing it at a snail-paced speed at an individual deserves a spot on this list. We’ve all blown bubbles with our handy bubble wand before as a kid. I don’t think none of us thought at the time, “Oh wow, I wish I had this as my superpower. That would be so cool.” Furthermore, why would a supervillain even want to obtain this power, to begin with? What is in it for them at that point? This would be the last bad guy anyone would fear. He or she would come out, and throw a bubble in the air at their opponent…and then what? Then the laughing commences? They would be the clown of the underworld.

Mega Man 2 - Bubble Man's Stage

Credit: PinkKittyRose

Spinning Really Really Fast (Dizzy Devil) – Tiny Toon Adventures

This one would be pretty cool if you can handle the turbo spin that it unleashes. If you have ever tried to spin in circles a few times outside in the yard, you will know that the world feels like it’s still spinning even after you have stopped. This superpower would be particularly negative for those that have motion sickness. 

Tiny Toons Adventures: NES – Without Deaths Gameplay_Buster Bunny & Dizzy Devil Playthrough (mdX)

Credit: MDX Hunter

There you have it, my choices for superpowers you wouldn’t want based on video games

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