Resident Evil Re:Verse Creatures Guide

This guide will help you understand all the Creatures from Resident Evil Re:Verse and get a lot of easy kills with them. You will inevitably need to use the proper strategies in order to start raising your MMR, but this will help you master Creatures very quickly despite their abilities can be a little bit more complex than Human Characters.

Resident Evil ReVerse Creatures Guide.

Now that I’ve recently made a Character Guide for Resident Evil Re:Verse, it is necessary to cover the 5 available Creatures in the game. The multiplayer shooter was recently released so you’re still on time to catch up. The game has only one game mode with a 5 minutes duration and it’s basically a free-for-all match. Once you get killed as a Human in the middle of a game, you become a Creature. This guide will explain how each Creature works, how to effectively use each one of them, and how to transform into each one of them.

Resident Evil Re:Verse Character Guide – Creatures

There are 5 different available Creatures to play as. In order to become one of them, you must gather a certain amount of Virus Capsules around the map while you’re a Human (up to 2 of them). Depending on the amount of Virus Capsules you had before dying (or if you had any at all), you will have the chance to become one Creature or another. All Creatures share the ability to perform a basic attack and locate enemies through the walls, but they also have different skills. It is also worth mentioning that all Creatures’ HP gets slowly consumed as time passes and there is no way to heal yourself, so make every second count.

However, have a look at all of the game’s Creatures and how many Virus Capsules you need to transform into one of them:

Fat Molded

The Fat Molded from Resident Evil 7 is the default Creature of the game. You will inevitably transform into this exploding thing if you don’t gather any Virus Capsules before dying as a Human. Logically, this is the weakest available Creature. But you can still use it to your advantage to get a few kills with it, it is not so bad if you know what you’re doing with it.

Fat Molded's Default Stats.

Fat Molded’s Default Stats.


  • Self Destruct: Explode to deal damage to nearby enemies, killing yourself in the process as well. The more time the Fat Molded stays alive before exploding, the more powerful the explosion is. This skill also automatically activates when Fat Molded dies.
  • Enrage: Increases movement speed, attack speed, and attack power for a limited time. Using Enrage again after activating it will allow you to perform a special leap attack, but the skill’s effects end immediately. Self Destruct is also more powerful if this skill is active.
Fat Molded's Skill Set.

Fat Molded’s Skill Set.

Tips & Strategies

This Creature is highly effective against crowds. Fat Molded’s explosion will be more powerful the more you stay alive. You can have an idea of the explosion’s blast power by looking at Fat Molded’s belly, which shows a bright yellow light from the inside. The brighter the light, the more powerful the explosion will be. Whenever you see a bunch of people together in one area, wait until Fat Molded’s belly becomes very bright, activate Enrage, get close to the combat area, and then activate Self Destruct. The explosion should allow you to steal a kill or two.

Also, don’t let yourself get killed while using this Creature. Always use Self Destruct by yourself so you don’t give easy points to other players. If you haven’t spent enough time alive, you can always use Enrage and try to land a few basic attacks before exploding. You can always try these strategies against single Human enemies or Creatures too, you don’t necessarily need to find a crowd if there isn’t one around. Also, Fat Molded is equally effective against both Humans and Creatures.

Hunter γ

The Hunter Gamma from Resident Evil 3 is also one of the weakest Creatures in the game. It is my personal least favorite Creature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of its attacks if you transform into it in the middle of a match.

You need to gather only 1 Virus Capsule as a Human to have a chance to transform into one of these things after death.

Hunter γ's Default Stats.

Hunter γ’s Default Stats.


  • Devour: Engulf an enemy standing in front of you. Landing this attack on a Human will perform a special finisher animation on them, killing them instantly.
  • Acid Spray: Spews acid at a medium range in front of you. Damages enemies in its splash radius.
Hunter γ's Skill Set.

Hunter γ’s Skill Set.

Tips & Strategies

Despite finishers being very useful to instantly kill Human enemies, the Hunter γ doesn’t have an attack to knock them down and use Devour easily. It’s best to simply use your basic attack along with Acid Spray and you may have a chance to kill an enemy by mere luck. A useful strategy to Devour a Human enemy more easily is sneaking up on them while they’re distracted in another combat. The Hunter isn’t particularly small or difficult to notice, so it’s better if you simply surprise them from behind and try to perform the finisher move.

Another good strategy to use Devour is trying to perform it in crowd combat against 2 or more players. They’ll be so concentrated on their current threats that they won’t have a chance to see you coming out of nowhere to engulf them. Devour isn’t very useful against Creatures though since you cannot perform the finisher animation on them and it doesn’t do a lot of damage by itself. Also, the Hunter is the only weak Creature on the list that has a medium range attack, so use this to your advantage whenever you see an enemy and start using your Acid Spray against them.

Jack Baker

Jack is one of my personal favorite Creatures in the game. Resident Evil 7’s most terrifying enemy is actually one of the strongest Creatures in this Resident Evil Re:Verse character guide considering how easy it is to use him.

You need only 1 Virus Capsule to have a chance of transforming into him after death.

Jack's Default Stats.

Jack’s Default Stats.


  • Welcome to the Family: Unleashes a devastating punch at close range. Landing this attack on a Human enemy will perform a special finisher animation, killing them instantly.
  • Chainsaw Scissor Whirlwind: Dashes forward and performs a circular attack in a large area. You can control the direction of the attack while spinning. Human enemies in its damage radius get knocked down.
Jack's Skill Set.

Jack’s Skill Set.

Tips & Strategies

Jack has a great skill set and it’s not too complicated to use. He is useful against single enemies and crowds. His basic attacks are powerful enough but the best approach is to use his skills one after another as much as you can. Find an enemy (preferably a Human) and perform the Chainsaw Scissor Whirlwind attack on them. Most of the time you will manage to knock them down very easily, allowing you to land the devastating Welcome to the Family punch that Ethan Winters suffered at some point in his life. Good old Jack will never disappoint you when it comes to easy kills!

Jack’s special punch won’t be very useful against Creatures though. It’s better to perform the Chainsaw Scissor Whirlwind attack and damage your enemies as much as you can with your basic attacks as well. Jack has way more HP than previous Creatures on the list, so use this to your advantage to stay in the fight for the longest time possible until you down every other Creature on your path. The Chainsaw Scissor Whirlwind attack is also very deadly against crowds, so don’t be shy to join the fun by using this skill.


The S.T.A.R.S nightmare from Resident Evil 3 is easily one of the best Creatures in this list (and also my personal favorite). It also has the deadliest ranged attack of all Creatures, so it may not be a bad idea to keep your distance if you transform into this monstrosity.

You need 2 Virus Capsules to have a chance to transform into it after death.

Nemesis' Default Stats.

Nemesis’ Default Stats.


  • Pursuing Tentacle: Strikes the ground beneath your feet to summon tentacles that pursue and attack enemies at a medium range. Human enemies in the initial area will suffer a special finisher animation, which will instantly kill them.
  • Rocket Launcher: A very powerful weapon that can be used to deal massive damage to enemies from any distance. Use the skill button to aim and then release it to shoot. Knocks down Human enemies.
Nemesis' Skill Set.

Nemesis’ Skill Set.

Tips & Strategies

Nemesis is currently one of my personal favorite Creatures in Resident Evil Re:Verse and one of the most overpowered in this guide list. The Rocket Launcher is incredibly useful not only to knock down enemies but also to deal a huge amount of damage to them. You may not need to perform the finisher attack to kill them, but the option is still there if that little Human hasn’t died yet. The Rocket Launcher also has a huge range so it’s very easy to damage enemies with it at any distance. Take advantage of Human enemies after knocking them down and perform the Pursuing Tentacle attack right in front of them in order to kill them instantly with your special finisher animation.

Both skills are actually very useful against Creatures too since Nemesis’ tentacles are pretty annoying, but I personally prefer the Rocket Launcher considering you can get the killing blow against most enemies by simply shooting the launcher against them until they get downed. Nemesis is also very effective against both single enemies and crowds. There is little to do against this Creature other than running and hoping to waste enough time while his HP is low enough to be able to kill it. No wonder The Entity wanted this guy for its trials in Dead by Daylight

Super Tyrant

The unstoppable Tyrant that chased both Leon and Claire until the very end of Resident Evil 2 is the last of all Creatures on this Re:Verse guide list. Although a little bit harder to use than Nemesis, the Tyrant is also very deadly. It is also the Creature with the biggest amount of HP and speed, but it only has close range attacks.

You need 2 Virus Capsules to have a chance to transform into it after death.

Tyrant's Default Stats.

Tyrant’s Default Stats.


  • Dashing Strike: Dashes forward at a very high speed and deals heavy damage upon colliding or prematurely finishing the ability by pressing the skill button again. It performs a special finisher attack if you successfully collide against a Human enemy, killing them instantly.
  • Leaping Strike: Leaps forward to deal significant area-based damage with your right claw. You can control the Tyrant’s direction while charging forward. Knocks down Human enemies.
Tyrant's Skill Set.

Tyrant’s Skill Set.

Tips & Strategies

The Super Tyrant is objectively the strongest Creature of the game once you get the hang of it. Nothing makes you run faster than watching a Tyrant charge against you at full speed. You need precision in order to correctly collide against Human enemies with Dashing Strike, but it’s so effective that no one will even try to bring you down without trying to run away first. Whenever you see a single Human enemy running around or patrolling an area, simply activate your Leaping Strike to stun them and then perform a Dashing Strike attack and try to bump against them to activate the special finisher animation. Doing so can be quite tricky, so you will need to practice this attack a few times before mastering it.

Dashing Strike isn’t very helpful against Creatures though, since Tyrant takes a little while to activate it and start charging forward. You probably want to use Leaping Strike along with your basic attacks against Creatures, they are both very strong attacks. This particular strategy is also very helpful against crowds too.

That was my Creatures Guide for Resident Evil Re:Verse. Remember you can still check my Human Characters Guide if you need help understanding them too. Resident Evil Re:Verse cannot be purchased individually but you will automatically have access to it by buying any version of Resident Evil Village. The Gold Edition of the game was recently released as well along with the Winters’ Expansion DLC and it’s available for PCPS4 & PS5Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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